Stingray OCC Chopper w/Nexus 7sp

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    I probably missed it, but I spent quite a bit of time trying to find something about putting gears into to a OCC Stringray Chopper frame. I'm well aware that the OCC frame is quite a bit wider that normal, but I assume that some enterprising forum lister has figured out a way of putting gears into the OCC frame, but I could find no reference to an installation. I'm impressed with the Nexus 7 sp hub, and thinking about making the effort. It has the correct number of spokes, but obviously it is somewhat narrower. My chopper is complete but not fired so far. I've mounted a "RAW" 80cc ?? motor with jackshaft, but would really like to have the chain feeding gears. So....anyone done this, or have any ideas.......Thanks Byron

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    Don't know about OCC stingray but I make sprocket & clamps for the Nexus 7spd coaster hubs if that is of any help. The sprockets are drilled as per attached drawing and I make the clamps from 318 stainless and not galv steel as stated on the drawing. I make the rubber from 2 ply same as the normal clamps. They work really well on a 48T sprocket and would work fine on a 44T as well. I would supply them to MBc members at cost price (i.e. no profit).
    P,S. I see now - you have a jackshaft to run from the pedal chain side. Shouldn't be a problem but 7 spd is a bit over the top. A 3 speed would be better and they cost a lot less. I reckon my old Sturmey Archer 3 spd could be driven by a motor quite easily. They are much easier hubs to service and fix than Shimanos.

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