Stingray OCC with 90cc Honda, got the tank on finally!

Some of you may have seen this bike in my "introduction" thread. As I said in there, I ordered a tank from, it came in today. The tank is perfect for my bike! Great pricing too! ;)

So with that said, here's how the bike stands as of this afternoon. I'm still considering a sprung seat, it's not exactly comfortable as it is. It sure looks good with the Schwinn seat though... lol

My friend built another one just like it, but on a chrome frame with a 110cc engine. He had it running good, but the engine locked up, turns out the crankshaft froze to the connecting rod. We've got another bottom end to swap his parts onto, and get it running again. Then we can get some video of us running them. They're a blast to ride, but a little scary at the same time! They're running around 55-60 as they are, and both are geared to low and the engine is screaming before it tops out. I've got to figure out what the rear wheel came off of and get a smaller sprocket for it.


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Oh yeah, definitely! That old square tank was just there long enough to get the thing running and try it out while I waited for something better to put on it. :)

Thanks for the kind words too!
wow that is amazing it seems like it would be fun to ride what kind of brakes do you have for it?
Brakes? All they do is slow you down... lol Seriously though, there are none. I've got the parts to put the drum brake together on the back wheel, just have to make up a pedal and linkage.

I got a message today saying my "" stickers are on the way, they'll look nice on side of the new tank. :D

Here's a better view to show the tank by the way...


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Small update...

I changed the superwide footpegs for these off the ST90, same bike the engine came off of. They look better being not so wide, but the main reason is that I wanted the side stand. They aren't as comfortable, but I can live with that... ;)


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