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    ok i have a decision to make i have my 50cc loncin 4 speed semi auto sitting on my work bench and i can get a schwinn stingray off a mate for 150 and is in good condition...if i fit a 415 front sprocket and used a bolt on sprocket to the spokes would a 50cc rip the spokes out?...this is a copy of a honda postie but smaller

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    Stingray project

    I'm not sure what you call a bolt on sprocket, you mean with rubber pad on both sides of the spokes or a sprocket that attaches directly to the hub? I think it would also depend of what tooth sprockets you use and the rpm of the engine. Start off easy and you probably won't tear out spokes.
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    its pretty gutsy when i had it in a pitbike whcih i sold as a rolling frame it hauled me and a mate up a massive dirt hill in the paddock with no problems thats a combined weight of about 140 and it was in first gear.....would the frame hold up?....the engine mounts are basicly just thru-bolts so will weld some plate steel to the frame....ill see about the sprocket,yes i did mean the rag joint system....i want to be able to take off quick so might end up putting a 12 inch pitbike wheel in the back with hydro disc brake
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    how is this project coming along?
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    I don't know about the stresses involved with a pit bike engine but I would think one would have good luck with bigger spokes like 12 guage I think my ray is only 14 and welding to the hub the new sprocket might work the only draw back I see would be that service on the spokes and hub might suck on mine I don't like the rubber grip sandwich method and am considering drilling some new holes in the hub and throwin in a couple of tacks to hold it. Centered
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    rookie, post us some pictures.
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