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    ok im sure this has been asked before but i cant seem to find it with the search feature. Anyways i was just wondering what a good size sprocket would be for a schwinn stingray. I have a couple mid-size hills, but most is flat. i want to be able to get it to do maybe 25 to 30, but still have good acceleration for the stop lights in the town. thanks for any help.

    right now it has the 44 tooth sprocket and goes about 21mph wot
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    livefast mentioned 36 or 38t
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    alright thanks i was also thinking 36. thanks again
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    How many miles do you have on the motor? If it's not broke in yet then you may want to wait because it will probably start to run a little faster once you get a couple hundred miles on it. Mine wouldn't go much faster than that either when I first got it, but now that it has over 200 miles on it, I can do between 25 and 30 wot and easily cruise at 20. Of course I'm also thinking about changing to a smaller sprocket now so I can cruise at 25 without revving so high.

    BTW, I have a 50cc with a 44T sprocket too.
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    alright thanks for the input. it isn't broke in yet. do you know if it has to be broke in with the 44 tooth? but i was just thinkin about later on down the line. i would also like to cruise at 25 without revving too high. good to find someone with exact same as mine. thanks again.
  6. HI,

    The most popular sprocket we sell for the 20" wheels is a 27T sprocket....This is roughly the equivalent to a 35T sprocket on a 26" wheel....Roughly, 34.4 MPH at 6400 should provide a pretty relaxed cruise at about 25 MPH.

    Hope this helps you.

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    That is a sweet chopper!!!

    Have any of the Po's mistakenly assumed it was a motorcycle?

    I really want to get one.
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    hey thanks for the comment. i really like it too. But unfortunately, i just got it last weekend so i haven't had much time to ride it. i've only rode it out on our country road so i haven't seen any cops. and i'm going to college in a different town so the only time that i can ride it is on the weekends. i would bring it to college, but i live in the dorms. so there isn't anywhere that i would feel safe to keep it. thanks again.
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    No, it doesn't have to be broken in using the 44T. I believe that's just the most common sprocket. If you're wanting to easily cruise at 25mph you will probably want to change to a smaller one eventually.