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Stingray Squadron Chopper


Large Filipino

I saw that same bike at a pawn shop today except it was grey and a different theme. 100 bucks. I like that engine mount. How did your gas tank mount up?



I can see a lot of work! What did you do or use to get the paint to stick to the chrome?


Active Member
Dec 15, 2006
nice lookin ride !!!
I see you have barry's mount and pipe :D
noisy but well made !


Thanks for the compliments, guys!

Large Filipino- To mount the tank, I just took the clamp pieces, turned them upside down, and attached them to the frame with 1/4-20 stove bolts through a hole I drilled in the center of each one. Then I just bolted the tank to the clamps like it would be normally.

Lynn- I wish I could take credit for the paint! I was told this bike had limited production of around 1500 units or so.

azkronic- You are right about the pipe being loud! I changed that, though. I made a baffle for it by cutting a peice of 1/2" conduit about 8" long. Drilled a bunch of holes in it. Welded a 1/2" flat washer on each end and ground the washers down to a size that would slide in the end of the pipe. I then wrapped the conduit with fiberglass pipe insulation between the washers and secured it with some wire. Shoved the whole thing in the end of Barry's pipe and ran a small sheetmetal screw through the backside of the pipe so it wouldn't come out. Brought the noise down to a tolerable level and provided a little needed back pressure.

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