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    hey all,

    I have a medical question for everyone. I cut my finger at work a few weeks ago, and ripped the nail in half and big cut under the nail and onto the top of my finger.

    I wrapped it up tight and thought it would heal.. well it didn't,
    probably needed stitches.

    I am seriously considering doing it myself. I know how, but didn't know what people thought. also how long is too long to wait to stitch up a cut?

  2. KilroyCD

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    I had badly cut my hand while working on an old bicycle a few months ago. Because the item I was working on was rusty, I went to get a booster shot three days after it happened, and the doctor told me at that time it would be too late to get stitches. I'm inclined to think it's too late in your case as well.
    I was using butterfly bandages and a gauze wrap to hold my wound together, but I'd unwrap it at times to allow air to get to it and speed healing. The doctor had told me that it'll scab over and heal more quickly if you allow air to get to it.
    Importantly - keep it clean!
  3. srdavo

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    a few weeks ago?

    you should be nearly healed by now.

    see a doctor! it's prolly infected, by now.

    I can sew....I can amputate, too....but I'd advise against either.

    :6: :biggrin:

    HERPER Member

    haha its not infected./. i clean it out everyday a couple times.. and butterrfly bandaids and ****. but jus doesnt want to stay closed
  5. heathyoung

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    Keep up the betadine (povodine iodine) to keep out infection. There are some transparent bandages that form a 'skin' whilst you heal underneath - you can keep an eye on it, and it will breathe without risk of infection.

    I'm always slicing bits off me so this is usually what I do.
  6. sjackson

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    It depends on the cut... usually even waiting a day to get stitches is too late... but if the cut keeps opening up, then you probably need to go see a doctor.
  7. Mountainman

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    that finger helps while RIDING THAT THING !!!

    man oh man -- you are the man if you want to sew that THING up

    there ARE times to see the doctor

    can't beat a man at his trade

    that finger helps while RIDING THAT THING !!!
  8. spyke hyzer

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    Herper, how deep was your wound?You say the butterfly bandage isn't keeping it closed. so is it a wide gaping deep wound? what kind of drainage do you have? It is true it is too late to get sutures so lets deal with the wound as it is now.

    First dont use any hydrogen peroxide or betadine anymore. It is ok at first to clean the wound, but it is cytotoxic. Meaning it kills cells,all cells just not bad bacteria but new tissue growth which is what you want in wound healing.

    Do you have a good pharmacy in your area that carries wound care supplies? It sounds like your wound needs more than TAO ( triple antibx oint.) and a bandaid, you need something more advanced. I think the quickest way to heal it a this point is using a collagen product. Fibracol would be my first choice Prisma would be good because of the silver in it to help fight infection. Collagen in wound healing initiates an inflammatory response bringing many specialized cells to the party to help it heal faster and stronger.

    If you can get one of these products you'll need to change the drsg daily. clean your wound with an antibacterial soap pat dry ,place the collagen on the wound, cover with telfa or gauze, secure with tape.
    If you can get the fibracol it comes in a 4x4 size you should be able to get a week or more use out of one sheet, make sure you clean your sizzors with alcohol before cutting. The price for a sheet might be $20-30 but it will save money in the long run if it heals it faster.

    I should have prefaced all this with I'm an RN specialized in wound care and work in long term care, ie nursing home If you have any questions PM me. I don't have a home pc but I lurk at work daily don't tell my boss.
  9. Skyliner70cc

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    Its probably too late for stitches.

    Go to a medium to high volume hobby shop that sells radio control/model airplanes. Buy a quality name brand medium CA (cyanoacrylate) glue (its superglue but not the carp they sell at walmart check out counter, it works). Close the wound and apply several drops of the medium CA to the wound. Release wound once CA glue is cured and wound stays closed.

    DO NOT BUY THIN CA GLUE. The thin glue cures so fast that it releases heat in the reaction that will cause a serious burn! Medium is perfect, thick is too slow. I use thin CA for bleeding wounds that need the heat to cauterize them.

    CA glue is typically double to triple distilled so no worry for infection. CA glue was developed by the military to stop bleeding and care for the wounded on the battlefield.

    CA glue is used in hospitals but is called "surgical superglue" and has many uses.

    Humity/dampness/water speeds up curing of CA glue but weakens its bonding ability.

    I recently used CA glue when a drill bit broke when I was drilling a mount for a motorized bike and ended up drilling into my leg. The bit slipped down my leg and gave me a nice deep and 1 1/2 inch laceration.

    Reinforce the CA glued wound with butterfly tape. Good luck.

    PS Acetone (nail polish remover containing acetone) will remove CA from skin if you accidently get stuck to something. I wouldn't use it on a wound though. The CA crust will eventually disappear or fall off by itself.
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  10. spyke hyzer

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    Skyliner's super glue advise is fine for fresh wounds, if it can be sutured it usually can be superglued, great thing to have in the ole first aid kit, I've had it in mine more than 10 yrs.

    But for herpers wound I would not advise to try it at this time, it must heal from he bottom up

    Finally, Herper if your wound looks to be infected ( redness,warmth,purulent drng) go see your doctor and get some antibiotics. My wound care advice from above is sound and works well but if the wound is infected you'll need antibx coverage.

    I've learned alot from this site and am still a MB noob, This is the first time I feel I can contribute some advice and knowledge
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