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stock electric stingray?!?



welll, ill tell yall how it goes, cause my ma said as long as i give it to my bro, in 3-4 years, when im driving, she'll pick up the tab....cording to the gizmag site, it gets 20 miles....... or it might have been a review on amazon, i cant remember.

that thing look soooooo fly!


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May 26, 2008
YO TOTO! Hey I looked that bike over and yea its cool but if your an adult and do any commuting this isnt the bike for you. 250 watt motor and at that price the batts have to be really cheapos. A good electric bike with a 700 watt motor and good lithium ion[?]
batts that will only take you for say 30 miles will cost you 2k right now.........you get what you pay for this is a TOY! Maybe 50 miles on those lithium ion[?] batts.
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welll, according to the site there have been reviews that say it goes 20 miles, heck, 10 is good enough for me..... and no commuting fo me. just rides...


Thats a really good price but the 250w must not pull very hard, my ebike is 450w and a lot of people think they're too slow with an 18mph top speed. Neat though, if I didn't have enough bikes already I'd be really tempted by this.