Stock part recycling.

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    After running a stock right hand side drive on my bike for a few years I found out about the SBP shift kit and it is great, however I did have 2 problems.

    What to do about the spare junk from the standard kit and how to stop the right hand side chain eating my pants.

    After some messing about I found that with a little trimming with tinsnips and time with a ball-peen hammer the stock left side chainguard that comes with the basic kits can be shaped, cut and trimmed with little issue to fit over the right side chain.

    Just an idea for turning trash into treasure and keeping your pants.

  2. motorpsycho

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    wait, running a stock RIGHT side drive chain?
    if you're NOT running a shift kit, the drive chain should be on the left.
    then when you go to a shift kit, it diverts the chain to the right side, but you still have a short chain on the left.
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    Thank you, the OP had me ..
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    The right side jackshaft sprocket can also grind a nasty hole in your leg and
    caused one member here to get a skin transplant......