stoked that fed ex truck just came

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    i just received my new grubee angle slant head 80 cc motor.. ordered all my products on line seem like spooky tooth is a lil sluggish ordered 36t sprocket and exspantion chamber muffler( didn't come yet) althought ordered all my products at the same time....and still waiting on my mongoose 29er with disc brakes...where i'm guessing that will pose my biggest modifycation (hopefully not have took a look at the rear hub so will just have to wait and see) this is my first build. every thing it the box looked pretty good except the spark plug tip was slightly bent (no real Problem) and the chain they sent me was 410 ( look like a regular bike chain vs the 415 chain which i understand is more durable...well thats it for now waiting for the bike and for spooky tooth. Ride hard and safe from delaware

  2. Welcome, and good luck with the build.