Stolen Stolen Bike in Playa Del Rey, CA (Los Angeles)

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    On the evening of 11-8-10 my motorized bike was stolen out of my apartment complex here in Playa Del Rey, CA.

    Playa Del Rey is a beach Community near LAX. Pretty nice area in fact Phil Jackson lives here so it is preyed upon by crooks.

    My bike was a 48cc or 49cc Engine. The engine was built on a green Huffy beach cruiser. I've had the bike for about 2.5 years. It has a small light and speedometer on the front and a black carrying case on the back.

    I loved this thing and drove it all around this area.

    Here are some videos I made on my bike:

    Bike in Action (this is what it looked like last):

    Video of where the bike was stolen the next day:

    If anyone see anything close to this bike in or around LA please email at

    I am offering a reward...No questions asked.

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    Man I hope you get it back. Bike theft is pretty darn low.....