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    Three very polite black men (17-18 years old) visited my home and asked to see my nice collection of motorized bicycles, which I did. I even let them ride one of my bikes which they certainly enjoyed very much. They thanked me and departed. They next day I went into the house after working in the front yard a couple of hours. About 15 minutes later I went into the garage and found my motorized Tour Easy Recumbent missing. Talked to neighbors who told me they saw the bike and pointed out the house they saw it taken to. Reported this to the police then went to the house myself but no luck. I later learned it was seen being taken to a very large apartment complex. That happened about 4 days ago and the bike is still missing.

    It was a very nice recumbent with the Subaru motor mounted under the seat. It had a 9 speed drive which worked excellent on hills and level roads.

    I felt angry it was stolen but even more bothered the way they did it, abusing my trust. Even more troubling, my wife saw them walking by our house today and looked over at the garage to probably see what else they could steal. This time the garage door was closed and will stay that way anytime I am not out side. I doubt I shall ever get it back.

    I am mostly writing this as a reminder to anyone who reads this, your bike can be stolen even from your home. True, the garage door was open and the bike was not locked. It was about 11 am, in clear day light and a comunity with people close by. I was too careless and paid the price. Be more careful so this don't happen to you.

    The bike was located in Fresno, California, near Marks and Shaw streets

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    I do hope you get your bike back! That's incredibly messed up.

    Always when selling a bike (car too) and someone wants to test ride it - ask to see their driver's license and scribble down at least their name, DOB or DL/ID#. If it goes missing the next day, you've got a good lead. As well, most larger cities will allow your bike to be registered - so that if it does turn up in an investigation you can get it back.
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    Sorry you ran into some DIRT BAGS.. (really not my choice of words). From where I moved from (Mississippi) if caught stealing...drop him where he stood... Hope you get it back.
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    Thank you for the comments and suggestions.

    I should be more careful who I let ride them and will do so in the future, secure the bike better also. I did register the bike with the state and have a license for it as required by the state of California, which I gave to the police.

    The bike is covered by our home owners insurance and I'll put together another one with the insurance money. For me it is a lesson learned and just passing this on to others as a reminder that there are people everywhere just like these three.

    I mentioned that they are Black People. I would like to add: Black People are not the problem (we know some very fine people that are black), It is just the class some put themselves in.

    Will Snow

    PS: Yes, I would like to have hit them over the head with a 2x4.
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    Post pictures around the apartment complex, Will... maybe someone will report it.
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    I just don't need to meet any new people at my home who are uninvited.
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    It was spotted by a neighbor the other day. The neighbor said it was smoking real bad and looked pretty well beat. The neighbor was on foot and could not see where it went. I have a feeling it is pretty well trashed by now and my insurance said they will cover the loss.
  9. ill tell ya what. if i knew what the people looked like, and knew they were still around the neiborhood, and riding the bike no less! i would not let it go without a fight. but thats just me. i have a feeling if something similar happened to me, I would be the one getting arrested. we have to start teaching these low lifes that we arent going to put up with their ****. people need to start standing up for themselves. looks like the police couldnt help you. they arent on the side of the decent people any more anyways. time to take things into your hands. show them trash some old fashioned justice.
  10. Will Snow

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    No, I have not given up. Yesterday I went to the house where the mother of one of the boys live. There were several people there along with the mother who was very nice. She called her son and gave him a hard taking to about him and his friends and demanded they returned the bike. They know I have reported this to the police and that we know who the are.

    I hold back at this point and choose not to get into any rough action. To me, a bicycle is not worth someone getting hurt over and that someone maybe me.

    He is suppose to contact his friend who stole the bike and get it back for me. I am not sure how much truth I am told from anyone but plan to follow up in as peaceful manner as I can.

    I don't think the police have much time to spend on something like this and my hopes are not very high that it will ever see it again.

    I mainly write this as a reminder to others, secure your bike very careful the best you can and not be as careless and trusting as I was.
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    seriously, you should see the huge chain and lock i have on my bike :)
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    Good, I am doing the same and also bolting my other bike to the garage wall.
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    hey really feeling sad for your bike. You may get it back very soon.
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    Thank you for the kind thoughts. Police, friends and neighbors have been very helpful. Pictures of the bike have been passed through out the area but by now it is doubtful the bike shall be recovered.

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