Stolen stolen in nyc

Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by robpugl, May 16, 2009.

  1. robpugl

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    I hate to say it but they got mine. I've been riding for 3 years with no incidents
    I recently purchased a new bike (specialized globe Centrum 08) hooked up my gebe redmax and flew off. Very surprised how fast and agile the combo was. Great for city riding. In and out of elevators up stairs curbs around and in-between cars. What can I say someone else liked it too? I had it for 6 days. I made the mistake of using a cable lock that was convenient instead the kryptonite lock that kept me protected for the past 3 years with my 1stt bike. it took them less than 30 seconds. O well I get to do it again perhaps I can find a newer lighter faster engine that came out in the past 3 years. I'm open for suggestions if any one has experience with different engines. Sound is also a consideration for the city if there's a way to shut these things up I'm all ears. Thanks
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  2. bamabikeguy

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    There is a definite market, and few suppliers of Bike Lockers.

    That is under that Bailout Bill program, where businesses, plants, landlords get paid $35 a month PER bike, for bikes, improvements and storage.

    On colleges, they have rows of these bike lockers, sort of like the bus depot lock box system, where you drive it in and lock it up.

    There is also a type built out of wood, I think it was in Popular Mechanics, that is tamper proof.
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Sorry to hear it.

    That is one disadvantage to motor assisted bicycles; they're obvious theft targets.

    Sometimes I lock mine very securely when I'm away from it for only a very short time and I feel kinda silly about it. But If I use the less secure, more convenient lock, then I worry about my bike.

    Isn't it a shame how the thieves make us obsess over matters like this? I'd be willing to see them lose a hand for it. (Not quite seriously, but close)

    As for your actual question; I have nothing to suggest. But someone will come along who does.

    Maybe you could go electric, since noise is of some importance to you. Electrics can also be disguised as not-particularly-special bikes a bit more easily, too.
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    "Stolen in NYC"
    I'm SHOCKED! "Who'd a thunk it?"
    Sorry, as a former New Yorker, I just couldn't resist. Yeah, it sux. Ya couldn't have anything of just wasn't allowed! As kids we locked EVERYTHING! Couldn't tell you how many fishing poles, bikes, skates, etc. were lost. The old man was a cop and we couldn't afford much...always had used stuff (police auction wares) and it got swiped as well! But when it was junky to begin with, it didn't seem to matter as much as something you put your heart into.
    Ya got the NY attitude tho...pick up and carry on. It's all you can do. Grin-an'-bear-it.
    On the other hand, I had several "finds" that were turned in to the po-po and later recovered because nobody claimed. Wish I still had a couple of those old bikes.
    Don't build the next one too nice. Krypton U lock through the rear end AND cable locks everywhere you can fit 'em. Steering lock. Weighs-a-ton bike...well, you get the idea.
    Better luck with the next one!
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    I have seen many regular bicycles in Manhattan with the extra heavy large chains tied up in a very secure manner. All of this is making me think I really need to carry one of these very bulky and very heavy chains when securing my gas bike. I don't live in Manhattan but Staten Island is not safe either. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, it's too bad you had to learn that lesson. That case hardened chain I'm afraid is the only cure and one of those heavy industrial warehouse pad locks. Where was it, when it was stolen, Man, Bx, Qn, Bk?
  6. robpugl

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    It was in Manhattan. I used the heavy chain for 3 years. Recently got a new bike took it out to Montauk LI and forgot my chain home on my old bike so bought this hassle free chain at a local bike shop. When I got to New York City I had the new cable lock on the bike and without thinking used it. These scum bags are'nt looking at the bikes they're looking at the locks. For the few days I had the bike I gt really attached to it. A zippy, solid but lightweight. It hit 33mph with no strain and I could pick it up with one arm to carry it up and down stairs or into eleavators.
    PS I once lived on Staten Island allthough I did not own a bike out there I used my car all the time I heard of many bikes being stolen. Protect whats yours everywhere. Good Luck
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  7. eastwoodo4

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    well if u could find out who did it that would be felony grand theft.prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.we need to make tracking devices like they have on that show bait car.then u could set your bike out and hope a ******* steals it.track them down and hand out a thrashing.
  8. robpugl

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    There was a great line in that movie Pulp Fiction Travolta says "if I could of caught the guy who stole my car while he was stealing it, it would have been worth having it stolen"
    One thing about my bike, I could hear it anywhere around me before I see it. Its a small world even in New York City.
  9. darwin

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    Will homeowners insurance or renters cover your loss?
  10. robpugl

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    Hey Darwin
    Good question. I am looking into it. I don't want to do anything right now Im waiting for my new bike and drive motor from gebe. With my rig that was just stolen I know there might be hassles with invoices, paperwork shows payment to paypal not a bike store with no serial number listed. Im going to see how it all looks if you know what I mean and make a move.
  11. impression

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    at work we have secured carpark wher eit's all monitored by cameras and you need a magnetic key to get in, and yet i still use my yellow new york kryptonite 'U' lock on my motored bike.
  12. wherever i go i use a heavy chain and big lock. while i am riding i put the chain over my shoulders and across. its very heavy even without the lock but i am used to it. i neevr go withotu it. when i get off i put the chains around as much bike as possible menaing that i try to cover the rear tires, frame and of course the locking pole. sorry to hear all you guys loosing bikes but the key is to lock your bikes in as visible area as possible. cable locks, combinations locks and much other skinny locks (no matter how much the bike shops say they are real good) dont get them. the point is to DISCOURAGE the bike pickers and this has worked for me entire four years. my frnd bought a bike and he used to just lock his bike on a pole and walk away acting very careless. the bike pickers look for that Attitude. and his bike got stolen within ten months and now is without a bike.
  13. Exador

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    Downtown Portland has many of these lockers.
  14. Dr. Doom

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    Sorry to hear that news. I have something so small but does the job against people who aren't tooled up to steal and break a lock. Ill lock up hooking a spoke to a fence or a bike wire to something else. It goes eveywhere under my seat its so small. IMG_0426[2].jpg
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    Seriously 2 nights ago i had a dream --i parked my new subaru-robin staton on a Giant frame by a hamburger joint--i went into another store and came back it was locked but there he was a guy was stripping it down and 2 guys were cheering -the front and rear tires were off and the engine disassembled the guy just ran off and left everything in pieces i had to walk home carrying the pieces- i woke up in a cold sweat -- but i learned my lesson-bring a big chain in a big city.
  16. gnflyby

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    Crappy news, good luck with your next build.
  17. robpugl

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    fat chain no problems

    It's been almost a year since I started this post when my bike was stolen. I made a new one and have a heavy chain. Not a problem in all this time.