Stolen Stolen in West LA, stretch Micargi black w/ red wheels BIG REWARD!

Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by tattooedherper, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. tattooedherper

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    Some asshat cut my locks and took my bike off of my patio in West LA. It is a stretched Micargi mustang with red wheels, white walls, custom welded tubular front motor mount, C9 seat, custom made exhaust wrapped in header wrap, manic mechanic hub adaptor, and a black Skyhawk with most of the paint missing (i was in the process of stripping it. I'm offering $250 in reward money if I get it back. $750 if it comes with a rider :).

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    It might help to post a picture if you have one.

  3. reb1

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    I always use ground level units and place my ride inside. If somebody is brazen enough to cut a lock on your patio than you need a gun or guns. I follow blog called BikingInLA. There have been several armed robberies of bicycles in the last few months. In one instance the owner stepped out onto the patio as the crooks were leaving with his property. They fired a round just missing his head and laughed at him. The more recent one I read about was a child being robbed at gun point and being shot to death after he complied with the crooks. An 11 year old girl caught a stray round in the back in the same shooting. The blogger reports about bicycle related events, accidents, the law and deaths from all around the globe. This recent rash of robberies have all been in the southern CA area near or in LA.
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    Unfortunately I missed my opportunity at using my gun on these guys as I wasn't home in the middle of the day when they took it. I know it's gone, I've already admitted that to myself and am over it. The most bothersome part is that my space was invaded. They didn't take this from some bike rack somewhere, they took it from my house. If it turns up I'll be very happy though, not counting on it.
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    And I don't have any pictures. I had pictures on my camera before it was stolen out of my car at LAX. FML recently