Stolen Stolen Zbox in SA

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    It has a large faded 2lt tank and a Zbox plant. The bottom end has over 4000kms so the 'Z' is now a blue colour.

    Just spent $300 on it, brand new tyres, rims, pads, controls, carby and CDI. Not sure if the 6 month old SLA was with it all but I'm guessing that's gone now too. My fault really as it wasn't locked. Bike cost over $1200 because of the anti-lock brakes and other swag. It's a shame as I have FM and I'm still not well enough to drive.

    Never mind, the bike has already been stripped. A 14y.o. kid nicked it and has been riding their bike around with my parts, but I can't prove it. My engine could get up to 70-80kms very easily so if they swap it out hopefully they will hit something :D
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    Sorry to hear about your loss. Good ulock can help.