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    I was stopped by a cop when I was riding my electric scooter in front of the police station. He was on the other side of the road and he said something about motorized vehicles being illegal but I could barely hear him cause of the traffic. Anyways he said I had to walk it home.

    After looking at the laws which are difficult to understand

    It doesn't really say anything about electric scooters so how are they illegal it just talks about electric bicycles/ gas vehicles. It says electric bicycles dont have to be registered.

    Now that this happened its gonna force me to try to get my motorized bike registered as a moped, but I think ill need insurance for it which is gonna suck.

    edit: Somewhere in the Statutes it says a motorized bicycle must be registered? Maybe it can be classified as a motorized bicycle and not a moped? I will call the DMV later.
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    Just use it and don't ride it by any cops insurance will kill you if they know you have that. Ride your bike and if they catch you again its not going to be the same cop, and it's not documented right? Did he just say Hey get off that u got to walk it home. You-OKeaaa Nothing was shown the cops will not know just forget about it my
    whole town doesn't care if you ride dirt bikes in town, except for one man, and we just avoid him.
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    Ya know, with out knowing where you live it's hard to help you.
  4. The link goes to a Rhode Island statute, so I'm assuming he's in RI...

    I'd say, move to Mass, where you can register the motored bike or electric scoot for $40 for 2 years with no insurance. :grin:

    J/K wish I could be more help.
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    Well it was the Chief of Police who stopped me...i'm thinking of putting my electric scooter parts onto a mountain bike to make an electric bike.
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    The scooter didn't have pedals did it? If it doesn't have pedals that's the problem then. You have the right idea, convert to an electric bicycle.
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    No it doesnt have pedals... would it be considered a bicycle if it did have pedals?
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    I guess so in CT thats how it is, but you still need a drivers license to operate a moped, also it looks like a bike so no one know they just think its an engine on a bike, and not a moped.
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    the key word here is pedal assisted's for older folks with bum knees etc etc...not motored bike with foot pegs...yes it needs the pedals cuz it's human powered 1st and the motor is assisting you..get it?
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    Well the other day - I also was not thinking straight - while on a long ride - I was heading straight for the next town over - POLICE STATION - push my luck - WHY ?? I turned onto another street - got out of there.. How fast does your elect scoot go anyway - takes an uptight pooolice to say anything !!! You didn't get a ticket - that says something. Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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    it can hit about 15 on a flat, but I was only going about 5 miles an hour as the one of my battery packs was running out of power.

    I was thinking about risking it and taking the long way to get to work but its at least 3 miles longer and my scooter would never make it. The motored bike would make it but I dont want to get pulled over again.
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    Sell your scooter on Craigslist--more $$ to put towards your mbike or ebike!
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    Why don't you take your scooter to the police station and ask them all of the hows/wherefores of riding it. Then you'll know for sure. If they don't want electric scooters in town it could be because they are nuisance?
  14. We went through that here, the local police managed to get an ordanace put to a vote , it got sumaraly defetad. the scooters are still alowed here. You just have to ride using your head(I.E. think about wht you are doing, and dont do stupid things).