Stopped by Lowe's this morning.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Al.Fisherman, Feb 24, 2012.

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    Went to my doctors office this morning. After which I stopped at Lowe's to pick up 1 item. Got to the register and there was a young girl about 20 ish, Behind her was her trainer. I gave her a $10 bill (for a $7.49 item after tax applied) and she rang it up. After the drawer opened she just stared at it, not knowing what to do. The trainer had to tell her to give me a penny, (2) quarters and (2) dollar bills. I stood there in amazement, couldn't believe what I had just witnessed.

    I asked the cashier "did you go to school?" I didn't qualify it, by "did you graduate?"..., the trainer broke in and said computers has ruined us.
    I stood there in a stupor and the only thing I could think to say "This is just unbelievable" and said good day and walked out.

    What in the h*** are our youths learning today, or should say what are they NOT learning. I guess she was one child that should of been left behind.

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    it really depends on 3 things,. the young person in the school themselves, the school and how the were raised.

    im young but im in college, i live in a pretty bad area as is and i look at the kids that are around here who are mainly only here because 2 junkies or alcoholics got together for fun and a kid came of it. i truly genuinely feel very sorry for those kids when i look at them who if they had good parents who truly cared they would stand a very good chance of having a good adult life instead of them following in their parents footsteps and repeating the cycle.
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    WELCOME TO 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gosh, Ron, how did the girl respond to something that was so obvious? Uno, she might want to get into politics......(Scary, but true)

    .........Really get this country on right track!~
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  4. Al.Fisherman

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    She just looked at me...much like a deer (no pun intended) staring into headlights.

    Here is the problem I have with it. I'm sure she isn't from a poor family, I live in a affluent area. Schools in this area are supposed to be the best in Alabama. We have NO schools like you might encounter in some of the cities like in Birmingham, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago etc. ALL students go to the same schools. 1 elementary, 1 middle school and 1 high school. Although she may be from a different town, but all towns are set up basically the same. We have no section where drugs dealers are lining the streets, We have a section that quite a few of both whites and blacks live in that have a low income. I have been in those areas (census) and have never been bothered. So my take is that she is not a underprivileged child (I say child as so many even at 20ish act like children). No respect for their elders. Blow by the house with radios blasting that wall items rattle.
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    doesnt the register tell what the change is
    also was this girl even a legal citizen? I can see if she wasnt and was confused
    Where I live thats a vaild question , not sure if it is where you live so dont take offense to it
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    First I also thought that the register gave that information, but maybe the trainer turned it off while training, if she could.

    Legal citizen, I'm sure she is. maybe the problem....Blond and a looker. Ah, maybe she got through her math class by ............
    Oh I don't take offense at all, in fact the Feds are suing my state over some tough laws....and I'm for enforcing what the Fed wont. It's the law...right?
    Read my signature and you will see that I don't take offense.

    A few years ago we had a hail storm that beat my shingles bad. Put a insurance claim in and called a roofing company. My first question was...Do you have any illegal workers working for you. He said no and explained why he didn't, which was very logical. I told him good, and if he had .....good bye. Although there are (I'm sure) illegals in the area, but never have one on my property. PERIOD!!
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    If you notice Al, w/o getting into political bias, which I have none, anywhere our Government is involved money winds up missing and the said goal is never realized.

    Our education system is one of those places!

    When I hear a certain political Party bash OWS, I quickly retort, these "kids" are product of the education system that your Party has helped supply! So what's the problem?

    It's gonna hit the fan in this Country I have a feeling. Get ready for your families sake. Did you know the average City only has about 4 days worth of food for its Citizens on the store shelves? What if gas was unavailable for a few days? Just sayin!
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    Understand your frustrations, but please lets talk motorbikes.

    AKA: BigBlue
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    Agreed, i wonder if she would be interested in them at all. theres not a whole lotta maths goin on in my engine unless theres a really small guy hiding and pressing lots of buttons on a calculator in there lol

    im living in dublin in ireland, im here all my life and im from a pretty disadvantaged area myself. kids flying up and down streets and paths on dirt bikes and most of them stolen. i blame the parents myself im lucky i had good parents who knows what i would have ended up like with my dad and mom.
    the kids around here wouldnt think twice about trying to steal my mb even if it didnt have an engine on it.

    its kinda sad i cant ride around enjoying the place without fear of getting jumped by 3 or 4 guys who are just bored and want to fly around on my not yet (and hopefully never) stolen mb. and by place i pretty much dont just mean my home town but maybe 75% of dublin :icon_cry:
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    Gentlemen, there is a place for this discussion. It isn't here.

    It belongs in the White Zone, and if politics must be a part of it, in the Combustion Chamber.
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    Belive it or not, this is not at all uncommon. I work as an interpretor for the visually impaired in a high school.
    Kids these days rely too much on computers to do the thinking for them.
    most of them can't write worth a damm, none of them know how to spell very well, very few can do math in their heads, and none of them know how to write in cursive. The school that I work in is a "tech" style of high school, where books are non existent. they do EVERYTHING on computers and I do mean everything.
    When the internet server goes down or there are computer issues, NO ONE (including the teachers) knows what to do...they sit idle until the network comes back up.
    it's just crazy because these are the people who are goingf to be running the country when we get older.
  12. motorpsycho

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    Really, you actually feel that way?
    let me tell you something...math is EVERYWHERE wheather you realize it or not.
  13. Someone deleted my post, guess it was too off white. Yea, she is a Stanley all right.
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    If I were to guess, this affluent-family girl probably never had a job before and seldom if ever had to figure out how to compute change. It is not rocket science, but does take a few minutes of training. I would cut her some slack, as this was probably her first job and first experience with a register. After a few days of register, simple transactions will be routine. But valid points have been made. Electronic gizmos are great for expediting final outcomes, but the younger people are not learning how to accomplish the fundamentals. White zone topic or not... When we older guys had Neanderthal teachers who could discipline on the spot, we learned. Nowadays with social equality for all, push the slackers through without ability to discipline nor hurting their fragile feelings, and parents who won't enforce study discipline... Well, you get undisciplined, unlearned students who will learn on the job. And customers will see this. Almost always, the unlearned will learn and hone their skills, just like us and our experiments called motorized bikes.
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    Motorpsycho (great nick,btw) nailed it.
    they will,one day be running the country.simply because they outnumber us.
    geographics has nothing to do with it,its the same here in rural manitoba with internet access.
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    Ok, this is short and to the point. I feel hypocritical saying this, BUT IT IS HERE TO STAY. The dependence will not change!!!!!!!!!!~ Enjoy the ride.