Stopping bike without kill switch

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Ryno, May 17, 2011.

  1. Ryno

    Ryno Member

    Is there a safe way to stop your engine without using the kill switch? For example, if you turn the clutch backwards, it will slow to a stop.

  2. jototojo

    jototojo New Member

    I dont have a kill switch so i turn on the cebator (?) on the carburator and i turn the throttle 100% so it doesnt get air, and it turns off. Or the other way is to stop and release the clutch.
  3. Ryno

    Ryno Member

    I'm asking, are you sure that's safe?
  4. adrian101

    adrian101 Member

    The safest way apart from the kill switch is closing the choke on the carby and giving it a little throttle.

    DO NOT HOLD IN THE CLUTCH AND COME TO A STOP, THEN RELEASE IT= say good bye to your clutch pads.
  5. Ryno

    Ryno Member

    How do you close the choke on the Carb then?

    (Do you just mean the little choke lever on the handlebar?)
  6. adrian101

    adrian101 Member

    If you have the choke lever on the handlebar then yes.. when wanting to stop the engine move it from the position when your riding freely (which is open position) to where your engine wants to cut out(closed position) to starve it of air...

    It will making a bogging down sound then cut out...

    What carby do you have?
  7. Ryno

    Ryno Member

    I have the one with a red plastic plate on the back.
  8. adrian101

    adrian101 Member

    lol I'm guessing the cns carby?

    theres a fair few carby's with red backing.

    with the cns carby it should have indications on the lever for what On/Off settings are. find the off setting so when you want to stop the engine you flick it to off :)
  9. rustycase

    rustycase New Member

    I guess if you wish to stop your engine without using a kill switch you could pull the spark plug wire off. :idea:
  10. Ryno

    Ryno Member

    I think I'll just kick the engine until it stops
  11. Ryno

    Ryno Member

    (joking, don't hate me)
  12. Rhino A

    Rhino A New Member

    Hey guy with same name! If your running the kit throttle/kill switch combo like I am and the kill switch isn't doing its job seek out a thread by member ducttapedgoat on wiring the stock engine/CDI/killswitch. I just performed a rewire saturday night and not only does my kill switch work now but the bike is running better as a whole!

  13. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    The best way is to rewire it. If you cannot locate the link then let me know and I will post it.

    The problem I have with the two methods listed is that you are trying to stop the motor, while moving, bending over with one hand off the handlebars, and fiddleing with the engine. (Meanwhile a dog darts infront of you causing your bike to flip over and sending you into the pavement and hurting the dog......don't hurt the animals, they are creatures who deserve to live.)

    EDIT: The thread RhinoA speaks of is here: (Title did not really match and it might have taken a bit to find it.)
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  14. tone2crazy

    tone2crazy Member

    you can just turn your idle down so when you release the clutch the engine die's. i have a kill switch, and it works, but i do this just to be safe.
  15. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    i liked the kick option :) that was goood!

    dump clutch, set the idle low... one of thems good. earth the BLUE wire... that works... :)

    pulling the plug wire is a once only method... :p