stopping cagers running red lights

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  1. bluegoatwoods

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    I've had an idea for years. I've even spread it around a bit, but no response. Let's see how it goes over here.

    Why not paint a line right across the road at such a distance that, if you are driving the speed limit, you'll still make it through on the yellow light? You see what I'm getting at; if you haven't passed this line yet when the light turns yellow, then you're not going to make it before the red.

    I'm a pretty careful driver with pretty good judgement about how much time and space I have before approaching cars, stationary objects, red lights hit me. But I'll occasionally mis-judge; plow through a light that has turned red or slam my truck to an unnecessary stop. And watching other drivers I can see that there is worse judgement than mine out there. This would take away a lot of that uncertainty you'll see out there; "Can I make it?"

    This has little to do with motor assisted bicycling, of course. But maybe it'll ease some of our potential for being T-boned. And it would cost next to nothing and anyone could understand it after seeing it just once or twice. Especially if this line were labelled.

  2. SimpleSimon

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    I'd prefer that for those intersections where such is a habit in the community (pretty easy to identify) have snap up truck bomb stoppers in place, triggered by radar. You drive too fast for the conditions, you wanna run red lights? Your vehicle gets shortened by a high speed impact with an immovable object.

    But that's just me - I live in a town that's full of idiots who treat yellow lights as acceleration warnings, and run red lights constantly, as much as 8-10 seconds after they turned red. A green light here really means proceed with extreme caution. Even the bleeding cops run the reds here, no lights, no sirens.
  3. BSA

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    That is actually a genius idea.

  4. spunout

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    thats IS a good idea. the only problems i see with that are: in rush-hour traffic, cars are nose-to-tail and may not be able to see the line. the other is simply 'i dont care bout no line.' and fly through anyway. knowing they wont make it.
  5. eljefino

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    Once in a while I see a pedestrian walk sign with a numeric countdown. When it gets to zero the green parallel to it turns yellow. Some of them even chirp for the blind people. Having these countdowns is handy for saving gas.
  6. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    You're right, eljefino. those count-down walk signals are very handy for figuring out the yellow.
  7. GasKicker

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    I see one small problem. The law typically considers the yellow light an order to stop. It is put there as a courtesy warning to let you know when other motorists will be taking the right of way. Running a yellow light is just as illegal as running a red one unless you are too close to stop your vehicle safely. It's a judgement call by any officer observing you.
    Any law enforcement officers here are encouraged to correct me if I'm wrong on this.
  8. If we can get everybody to use that little stick thing on the left of their column before they turn,not talk on the phone or eat when driving,and stop BEFORE the crosswalk at a red light and YEILD TO PEOPLE WHEN MAKING A RIGHT TURN ON RED (!!!!!!!!!!!) then maybe we could CONSIDER the use of red light aids. Frankly anything you add on the road would just further confuse drivers. They still are processing in their little brains the concept of "RED"..."YELLOW"..."GREEN" OH WHAT A PRETTY COLOR!!!
  9. nzwasp

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    Forgive my ignorance but what is a cager?
  10. BSA

    BSA Guest

    A car.

  11. nzwasp

    nzwasp New Member

    Why not call them cars then - or is that "word" used for something else :p
  12. eljefino

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    Think of all those warm fuzzy ads for the quadruple five star crash ratings, if you are that bad at driving you're thinking of your crashworthiness you are a major hazard pretending you are safe in your "safety cage" and a real hazard to anyone in a lesser cage or none at all.

    So perhaps a cager is an inept, scatterbrained operator of a car. Looking out for cars is an effective way of spotting their drivers.
  13. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    If your in the intersection when the light turns red your guilty of running a red light. It doesnt matter if your dog died or GOD is talking to you. PERIOD.
  14. datz510

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    Depends on the state laws.. Someone asked the same question during a defensive driving course I took (for getting my last ticket 10 years ago) and we were told that as long as you do not ENTER the intersection when the light is red, you have not run the red light. If the car has already entered the intersection before the light turns red, legally you have not run the red light.
  15. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    It varies from state to state. In Texas, if any portion of the vehicle is still in the intersection when the light turns red, you've run a red light. Here in Louisiana, if any portion of the vehicle remains in the intersection at the moment the light changes from yellow to red, you have not run a red light, because you entered the intersection on a yellow light.
  16. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    In CA and CO theres red light cameras and say if your making a left turn and waiting out in the middle of the intersection to turn safely, if the light turns red while your in the intersection your guilty of running a red light.
  17. starkm32

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    "Why not call them cars then - or is that "word" used for something else :p"

    Just imagine a monkey, or a gorilla, behind the wheel. That, my friend, is a cager (from the point of view of a cyclist);'specially one with a cell. Just my tuppence, JMT.

    A form of backhanded compliment, of sorts.

    Cyclists, beware!
    Cagers are everywhere!:shock:
  18. Biker ~ One that rides a bike
    Cager ~ One that drives inside two tons of metal forming their own little Barbie world while they look at the outside world like they would a TV show.
  19. sparky

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    That's mostly how my town works, but I wouldn't say we run red lights 8-10 seconds after they turn.... more like 1 or 2. Cops do the same. Yellow means "go very fast" around here.

    It only makes sense because the light for perpendicular traffic doesn't turn green for like 3 seconds after our light turns red (whereas in New Orleans, the instant our light is red... the others is green; it just varies from one location to the next). We're generally aware of our surroundings, and not knowing what's gonna happen next can only cause us to be MORE aware.
  20. starkm32

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    Prolly NOT cost effective:

    A compu-sensor in the middle of the yellow traffic light calculate the distance and velocity of the incoming object.

    The light will change to flashing red if the oncoming cager going at that velocity cannot possibly go by before the light changes, but CAN stop before the light, IFF the brakes are applied when the warning red comes on.

    High accident traffic intersections could use my tsilly idea, IMHO.:grin:
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