storm season in australia (chains, intake/exhaust ports)



this is an update from tropical queensland on my 48cc no name chinese thing. I have done 300 kmh of easyish riding but it wasnt babyed. has been up to 45kmh on the flat and will pull 35 with a bit of help up all but the steepest roads. still using chinese plug but will get a good one. why fix whats not broken. we are in the middle of storm season and i work 12 km away over a good sized hill i have gotten home in exactly 20 minutes twice so had to average 36kmh. have to pull in the clutch and peddle down hill. Do all the "heavy duty"chains stretch? Anyone who reads this must get a die grinder and match their inlet and exhaust and clean up the inlet manifold this is the only mod ive done but im nearly getting 30mph out of a 48, that has to be good aye.


hey mikey im in brisbane, ordered a 48cc from zbox, that where you got yours? had a 70cc fitted but shook the crap out of my bike ran bad too, and the legal issues too, cops leave you alone on the 48cc?


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Ya all the chains strech a little when you first get them some times you have to take out a link or 2 but usualy u just have to adjust the tension wheel.

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