Stormy weather



I'm just curious (and concerned) as to how all my brothers and sisters faired the big storms...? Is everyone okay? Did the Dimension Edge crew make it or did the flooding and downed trees prevent the journey out there?:eek:
It appears that that county (pacific) is still without power... I'll keep checking and all. Right now it's completely cut off from me- there are flood waters, downed trees, and nothing but detours... Otherwise I'd be on my way down with care packages.
hey riffster! were alive , power just came on & the skies parted as dimension edge pulled into town. im driveing my service truck through town & i see this bus & trailer with big logo! i then banged on there door as they were cooking breakfast. i told em i was from mbc & they freaked as they couldnt find augies address as well as the cell phones being out . so i ran up to augies & told him they were here & where they were! so he boogied on down & hooked up with the crew from dimension edge & tested all they had to offer ! what a great bunch of guys!i of course had to work! anyway complete devastion here, 137 mph peak gusts for 2 days lots of rain & flooding. utility guys had some long hours on this one!god bless em!
Well, thats a big relief! Has everyone from Mbc been accounted for?
Thanks for taking the time to fill us in Wavy. If there is anything we can do, let us know.
hey doc! yes everybody still has all there fingers & toes! we still have no tv & have no idea what the rest of the world has herd about us. so many huge trees down, houses torn to shreds, everybody lost lots of stuff includeing all frozen foods gas ,very little from stores as supplies ran low qiuck! but everybody came togather as we americans do in times of strife!! lots of shelters & food to eat if you needed it! i was already prepared & made out well ! thanks all for your concern! the people in this room are the coolest!!
Good to hear ya'll are alive! How bad did you guys get hit ? Do any of you need anything? let us know if you do, I'll **** sure drive my service truck up to help out if needed.......Dave
Thanks Wavy- fer sure if anyone needs anything at all let us know, we'll get it there somehow!!!