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    Everything was fine as I embarked on a 20mile round-trip escape one early morning. Pre-flight check went well, boosted my fairly new street slicks to 65 psi, topped off the tank and headed out with my trusty 10mm wrench in tow.

    At about the 12 mile mark she started sputtering and losing fire (?) before shutting down completely. On the wrong road. The fast one laner that connects my home base to the safe outer limits - Countryville U.S.A. It was Sunday without the Sunday drivers. They must have been Nascar fans. Scary! I tried almost everything to get it going to no avail.

    I decided to call my wife for a Spy Hunter pick-up. Cell phone going in and out with barely a bar showing at unpredictable times. Ahh, technology! Never seems to come through on the fourth down. Finally got a brief connection, and after explaining how to get there to a waking Mrs, she was on her way. Sort of. "She must have got lost." Not good.

    After my Darling was a no show, I decided to brave the breaks that I could between the "Thunder Dome" and make some progress toward the Bat Cave. I did try almost everything before to get it running except for one thing that was sure Not to help. The kill switch. As I was desperately pumping my department store bottom bracket, I decided to hit it. She........, FIRED!!!! :tt1: The bike ran all the way home nudging that golden 30 mph zone. I passed my Honey on the way. I let off the button quickly a couple of times and she wanted to shut down, so I just about have my thumbprint embedded into the lovely yellow switch now.

    I don't know why it did such a thing. I disconnected the whole circuit and ran the wires to the proper connections without it and....., nothing. The motor did make a popping sound a couple of times during my negative force run back home so I may have fixed it good this time. I searched the forum as best I knew how. Has anyone had a motor that would only run when the kill switch was engaged?

    I don't know whats worse now. That my bike is on the rocks or that I got fussed at for getting it started and waking my wife out of a good sleep fer nothin'!!!

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  2. Al.Fisherman

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    If the kill switch is hooked up properly, assuming the engine wires to the CDI are correct... NO its not possible. But there is a possibility of not starting due to a faulty switch. These engines don't need a kill switch to run. So if you have to push the button in for it to run, something in the way you wired it is wrong.

    If you wired the kill switch like what is pictured (or between the blue wires), you will have to hold the button in to run, assuming a good switch.
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    The engine wiring has not been altered since I purchased the bike used over 700 miles ago. I did notice that the kill switch failed to shut down the motor properly a very short while ago. I just started doing that by easing off the clutch. The bike still ran fine tho. I disconnected the switch entirely after the breakdown and simply ran blue to blue, black to black between the magneto and cdi, and cut/taped off the white wire. I installed a new cdi/plug wire also but it still does not run, or even try. I really don't know what else could be wrong except that the new cdi is joining the dark side too. I am just about ready to put this horse in the pasture. No tellin how many miles this thing actually has on it. It's a 49cc budget blaster anyhow.
    I was only hoping to get a few more miles on it, if possible, considering the work that I have put into it. Repacked bearings, new carb, exhaust work, front brakes, new tires, new levers, adjustments everywhere, you name it. Thanks for your good reply.
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    ahhhh, the old hit the killswitch and it runs.

    you my friend, have discovered what happens when the white wire is used on the killswitch.

    was the first and only issue i ever had regards ignition. exactly same symptons. ran fine, one day died...hit the killswitch for some unknown reason and found myself moving again :eek:

    use the blue wire!

    after getting a new magneto cus its now rooo ted :D
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    So the magneto is shot now? Ok. I will pick up another cdi while I am at it. Just not going to use a killswitch at all the next time. Thanks for your input.
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    Thanks to both of you for helping me out on this one. It was the magneto and the wiring. I did not even need to install the new cdi. Salt is good, and when you have two wheels under you, ridin' through the wind to go along with It, it's hard to complain! Peace. :)