Strange Crazy Project

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  1. Turtle Tedd

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    OK..a lot of us have mechanical and engineering and imagination...What would be something really wild or different you would want to build if you could justify the costs and had the space to build it...I myself am thinking of a Hovercraft that looks like your basic flying saucer

  2. srdavo

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    Strange Crazy Project

    Now, you're talking my language!!

    There are a ton of home-built hovercraft videos on youtube. I had the 'bug' to try to build one a couple years back, but never acted on it. I think Jerry, thescooterguy, built one last year.

    The guys on Myth Busters built a couple a few years ago.

    I'd like to see your ideas on hovercrafts. Sounds cool!!
  3. SimpleSimon

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    I'd like to build a 4 seater hovercraft with an enclosed cabin, pair of wankels driving ducted steerable pusher fans in nacelles behind the cabin, with a third wankel in the nose providing lifting pressure in the plenum. Once up to speed (35+ knots), the swing-wings deploy and you lift clear of the surface in what's called wing-in-ground effect flight - basically, flying at 1/2 the wingspan off the surface which gives greatly enhanced lift. Accelerate to 90-100 knots and head out. Now, obviously, this is best done over water, but as a pure hovercraft with the wings retracted it is more versatile than a float plane. Per pound of fuel expended per hour/load capacity in flight, it is more efficient as well.
  4. Turtle Tedd

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    SImpeSimon you are talking big time here..this would be kinda like a million dollar effort..I have seen a vidio of one..pretty radicle..
  5. Parah_Salin

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    OK, mines a little simpler:

    You know the batmobile, right? Like they made actual batmobiles for the movie- and one had a jet engine on it for the jump scenes so it could jump extra far, and independant handbrakes on each front wheel for insane hairpin cornering.

    I'd like to make a drivable, every day cart version of that, like maby a 3-wheeler, powered by a 600cc sportbike engine (with a turbo), and a small jet. Insanely long suing arms on the front wheels so you don't die.

    Also, when you guys are talking hovercrafts, are you talking the things with the skirts, or something like this:

    Anyways I think for something like that I'd like a jetbike- Two ducted fans powered off the same multi-cylinder 2 stroke on either side of a platform to lay down on, and foot and handlebars set up for easy tilting with body weight, and some controlls to til the fan as you see fit. And some bottles of nitrous so you can gun it for brief periods to hop onto buildings that would normally be above it's reach.