strange new problem on 2 stroke

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Drfefe2, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Drfefe2

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    I have been riding my 2 stroke happy time from kings ebay shop all summer and it started up pretty much perfectly every time.

    recently, if I am starting it for the first time in a couple hours it will do a strange thing. I peddle up to 8-10mph, release the clutch and instead of it turning over, it will slow down almost to the point of stopping and then suddenly spring to life. I have tried playing with the choke, it doesn't seem to make a difference. If it is already warmed up for even a minute or so, then it will start as soon as I release the clutch.

    What is causing this? just cold? (it is very cold here) engine not lubricated? It sat for about a month while I was waiting for parts and starting school. It rides fine just starts weird. Oh I also replaced my stock spark plug with the Dax high performance copper plug, but it worked fine when I installed it about 3 weeks ago.

    whats going on.


    Jackson Agar

  2. JemmaUK

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    It could be cold... if you can try starting it on the stand and let it warm up and then ride it - see if its to do with the cold.

    Also check the plug on the engine to see if its running lean (it will be a very pale colour) although since its cold related it could show up as normal mixture after a long run.

    Its always best to start the motor and then disengage clutch for a bit and then engage the clutch when the engine has a little heat in it. This is the method generally used for the old Villiers Junior/JDL two stroke motors back in the 40s/50s of which these CIF motors are close cousins technologically..

    Hope that helped

    Jemma xx
  3. Ghost0

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    My guess is that your clutch is starting to wear and is slipping when cold and not turning the engine over. Take your clutch cover off, remove the small retaining screw on the flower nut, twist the flower nut a 1/2 turn clockwise, reinstall the retaining screw and replace clutch cover. Your problem should be solved.
  4. Drfefe2

    Drfefe2 New Member

    I spun the flower nut one position and now it starts like a dream. Thank you!!
  5. Huotalicus

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    Slipping clutch .....barely fires, mustturn throttle abit to fire, not full or wont ?

    hey there friends...just to ask abnout the flower nut?? so if engine is finding it hard to fire, could be the clutch not engaging enough?? slipping? .....ok so adjust fower nut tighter? or looser? actually tighter cuz needs to engnage? is that right?
  6. crassius

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    to adjust flower nut, first unlock clutch lever and adjust cable, then lock clutch lever and tighten flower nut until small gear tries to turn when you move the rear wheel, now loosen the flower nut one notch (or 2 if needed) until the small gear does not try to turn when you move the back wheel, unlock clutch lever and recheck cable adjustment