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    I have gotten my Columbia Whizzer project to the point it can safely be ridden. I have a new front wheel with drum brake. Now, it is time to get lighting. I know I need DOT approved lighting, and I am collecting parts. I have bid on a generator on eBay several times and lost the bid. Are there any suggestions on what to use to power the lighting? Is there anyone who specializes in getting a 64 year old Whizzer lighted for the street? I have had helpful suggestions from SPJ, and am sort of aware of the lighting I need, but the power and wiring are my issue now. I live in Ohio. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Just idea!
    I am in the same boat power a headlight.

    The whizzer generator is a 6v and DOT is more like a 12v system. I bet just get a old wheel generator/headlight off Ebay would be good.

    They do sell 12v dyno generator to run on tires but it like $100 for a good one to power leds.

    There is dyno hubs that make 6v. Brake/dyno hub for $89.

    Maybe find a bike leather pouch that hang off the seat to place a 12v drycell battery. Go on ebay and get a old Delta handle bar light and change the bulb to 12v.

    Here is a photo of mine dad headlight. There is a person on Ebay that is parting out a whizzer. He is call WhizzerB.I remember the name from the past. He works at a Harley davidson and he was in to new whizzers. I think this person is the same person where mine father got his headlight. You may want to email to see what he say about a battery setup.

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