Street Legal Lights Horn update, 92 watts

Mike S

Local time
11:54 AM
Mar 16, 2008
Here's an update on what I am doing: I have a little ways to go to present a complete lighting solution for lawn mower type engines. It is not a low cost solution, but it is designed to supply about 92 watts, a little more than the whizzer motorbike at 12 volts. This means auto lighting and a halogen front headlamp can be used. This system will not fit every bike, and some reengineering of your set-up is required. The solutions makes what is now a novelty that can not be legally ridden, into a street legal moped that can be licensed and driven anywhere. I will provide complete pics after I patent the solution. It is taking time because I have had to solve or develop both mechanical and electrical solutions. Forget about white wires and the mag. There is no low cost, easy solution to this problem. Mike S
Someone here had the idea of using a kit with a rechargable drill battery, that seems the way to go. Those drill batteries pack a punch and could probably power a headlight and a tail light all night.
That's pretty good, but i need at least 300 watts just for the subwoofer's a heck of a bike. ;)