Stretch Morini Upgrades

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    I built a new rear engine mount with ceramic bearings and welded it to the frame. It was clamped before. I changed the cylinder, piston and head to high compression. Changed the reed, intake and carburetor. It is the dellorto racing 21mm. The engine should be close to the 9.4 (3.2 to start) hp engine. Only the ignition is different. The exhaust is new. It is a Simonini pipe with a carbon fiber silencer (loud). I cut the head pipe off and rewelded it. I welded the manifold (made out of water pipe) for my engine to the pipe as well. I powder coated most of the parts flat black. Changed the gearing a little and added a SBP heavy duty freewheel. I changed the bearings in the front hub to ceramic. The tires are new as well. The frame is filled with lead and my top speed so far is 54mph. I'm 59 yrs old and my goal is 60 mph by the time I'm 60 yrs old. lol

    By the way, I have about 1200 miles on the Nexus 8 speed hub, without incident.

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  2. Mountainman

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    wow -- super nice looking motor bike there
    the only thing that doesn't catch the eye just right is the gas tank
    maybe you could lower it a couple of inches ??
    don't get me wrong
    I am also coming up on the big 60
    a 60 mph ride on that THING could make me feel young again
    ride that sweet looking fast THING
  3. i-paint

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    Thanks for the compliments. I just switched seats and the tank is higher also could be tilted back a little. Or maybe I could lower the seat. I'm sure I'll "fool" witjh it some. To be honest eith you I don't like it at all. I would rather have it down in the frame some where. If I ever get a design in mind and a fuel pump working I'm going to move it.
  4. seanhan

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    Would be cool if you could put a rubber bladder in the frame to hold fuel like aircraft use.
  5. Mountainman

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    that Morini motor is the one that has caught my eye for some time now
    I like quality and think it is well worth the extra price paid
    over 50 MPH I consider very fast on a motorized bicycle
    what kind of gear you wearing there ??
    dang to be going that fast you got some big mountain rocks !!

    careful as you ride that THING -- us getting older guys need to live too
  6. It would really awesome if you placed a 70's moped tank on the crossbar instead of the big can behind your back - but I think it's just me that thinks that and I've been saying that a lot lately!
  7. Mountainman

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    maybe move the tank that's on the rear
    to the front -- covering it with some kind of cool looking bag -- black leather, canvas or
    due to turning of front end -- bars -- fuel line replaced every once in a while