Stretched cruiser in Cowtown

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    Hi, Anton, and readers!!! I am called Doug Stevens, but my friends call me six or sixbysix. I live in Alberta, Canada, in a city called Calgary. I have built three bikes so far. A toothpick racer, a chopper, and a lowrider. The lowrider is a stretched/limo cruiser with bent springer forks, but instead of the typical moon bars, i have hung 25 inch apes. i run a silver 66cc with a sixty tooth rear. I run it around 40 to 1 mix, and just replaced the plugs with a NGK B7HS, thinking a cooler plug will reduce valve-flare, flashback, or detonation.
    Because i found so much useful information on this site and when i am stumped, i usually find the answers here, i decided to join the forum. I joined some clubs on the site and am hoping to find like minded indies in my area. I love to talk shop and am super interested in meets, events, or whatever that i can attend.
    Before i go, shout out to all my haters, I built my bike, every nut and bolt on it was turned by me. It may not have cost thousands, but at least i can point out where my plugs are.

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    The best thing about building it yourself, is you can repair it yourself.