STRIPED head bolt

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by cigron, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. cigron

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    I need help I blowed A head gasket yesterday.When I tried to take it apart
    the left front head stud was striped in the caseing. I don`t know if there is A
    helie coil for it or not any help will be appreciated.

  2. G-Superior

    G-Superior Member

    just buy new GOOD QUALITY bolts, nuts and treaded rods ro replace the cheap chinese ones and you are ready to go!(and will save you alot of time in the future!!!)
    and also buy/make good quality gaskets(chinese ones are worse than card board!)
    and dont forget to use loctite so your bolts will not come lose again with all the vibration
    have a good time with your MB!
    if you need any more info just ask!:yes:
  3. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    Tap next larger size. I don't like helicoils but I suspect you could get a timesert insert in it if you wanted to.
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    They make two kinds of inserts that I know of..the heli coil and timesert (better). Or you can go the next larger size, although the jug has to be drilled out at the same time. Another option is a aluminum stick that can be heated and fill the hole, drill and retap. This stick melts at 700 deg F. I know MAP gas will get it hot enough and I think propane will also. I replace just about all the cheap Chinese C*AP with good hardware on all my builds..and haven't had a problem. I use red locktite on the cylinder studs.
  5. cigron

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    Time for A up date.1/4 in threaded rod and A 1/4 in tap
    no drilling needed. It worked fine. I ran over to lowes 7pm
    after reading G-superior thread. No need to any drilling the
    tap worked perfect just the way it is.I have A sears torque
    wrench I torqued them to ten foot pounds.The inffo that
    came with the motor said to totque them to nine foot
    pounds put my wernch only goes as low ten foot pounds I
    figured whats one foot pound among frinds.:grin5:
  6. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    12 inch pounds:devilish:.... All kidding aside I use a inch pound torque wrench on these aluminum HT's
  7. cigron

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    In early 60`s I raced a Jawa in those days we ran 30w oil at 20 to one.
    I would put new rings in about mid season and when I would have cylinder 0ff
    and check it out it was never as slippery or with as mutch oil on
    the fly wheels as I found on my MB. After 4 gallons im going to take the head of and check it out. Ill keep you all posted on what I got.