Stubby spark plugs

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  1. oldguy387

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    I am putting a Raw Motor kit on a mountain bike. Everything is fine except for the spark plug. It is an automotive type in length and I need a shorter one for clearance on the top tube. Where do you buy them. Thanks

  2. srdavo

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  3. gothicguy64

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    if u look at the left of screen ull see sick bike parts ..
    they sell both kinds of plugs .
    Ie short an normal

  4. oldguy387

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    Thanks guys, I found one at Lowe's yesterday that should work. Found it in the lawn mower area.
  5. buzbikebklyn1

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    Gotta love being able to find parts at Wally world.
    I once lost a gas cap on a long ride and found one at a gardening center!
    (or at least as cheap as possible)