Stubled upon motorized bikes, love the idea.

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    Hello, I currently do not own a motorized bike but definitely will be! I stumbled onto this site after a looking at a craigslist ad for a motorized bicycle. I googled around for a few days and have read a lot on here so far.

    I'm Dan age 24 from small town western Nebraska. I know nothing about these things other than what I have read in the last few days, I know I have never seen one in person. I used to mess around on a friends Honda 90 trail bike, that's about as close as I have come. Growing up I went through 20+ bicycles (in a town of 200 people, in Nebraska) there isn't much to do, so you get creative with your buddies. We were hard on bikes. When I was in my teens I had a YZ250 dirtbike. Now that I came across these, they look perfect for cruising to work and around town, not to mention making an off road project. I'm very excited and I'll be around.

    I am mostly into computers, cars, and trucks. Most of my time is spent on one of them three things. I have a lifted truck, a 1984 Pontiac Fiero (project car so much fun to work with, looks unique), and a custom built computer. I like tackling new things, working with my hands, and building things. I am sure this will turn into a new hobby.

    Hope that isn't too long or too much information.
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    That sounds like you are perfectly qualified for this sort of thing...Welcome to the Forums. Keep looking around, and don't be shy about asking questions. There is a lot of knowledge here, and a lot of people willing to share it. Just be polite, and you will get along just fine. (And, don't forget the Powered Trike section...I am sure they are not what you might have envisioned.) Good Luck and God bless.
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    I was in Nebraska before, hit a deer and a skunk in the same night:ack2: Good thing it was my brothers truck:whistling:
    I just found this site too, I usually hang out it ACVW forums (offroad sections) and a welding forum.
    Got a bike to build last week and ordered my engine yesterday:tt1: