Stuck throttle and runaway train!

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by cycledude, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. cycledude

    cycledude Member

    LOL, what a blast this little thing turned out to be.
    The throttle cable got stock and I could not get it to release the throttle control while riding around the neighborhood, now I have tested the reliability of the breaks and know they are working fine for sure!

  2. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Can you say "kill switch".
  3. cycledude

    cycledude Member

    Looking for a good one, used, or brand new in the "quality and dirt sheap" category (good luck to me).

    btw the clutch bell with the roller you are using in your build, do you have the part numbers? Are they Staton? Will you be using the Staton cluth for the 50cc honda?
    Maybe I should post this query in your thread.
  4. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Wow, I have to remember this thread for all those people who ride killswitch commando and say it's unlikely the throttle will ever get stuck on. Glad you're okay cycledude. Thanks for sharing!!!
  5. Slackbiker

    Slackbiker Member

    I have a kill switch with a Staton set-up, but am aware of where the choke is, wouldn't be as quick, but probably quick enough. Is this how you normally stop your engine?
  6. cycledude

    cycledude Member

    I just touch the end of the wire to the frame or engine, ive been thinking of extending it forward to the handlebars and making contact with something there.
  7. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    lol.thats the setup i got.ground to handle bars.
  8. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Auto parts store. The AutoZone near me had a variety of toggle switches for 4 bucks.