Tires studded snow tires. anyone use them?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by spunout, Sep 9, 2008.

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    where is here?
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    I make my own studded tires. I run screws out from the inside of the tire (should stick out about 1/8"). Then I put in my tire liners and re-mount the tire. I would imagine the factory ones would last longer due to their use of carbide studs.
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    watching motorcycle racing on ice with studded tires -- is something to see
    their studs used are VERY LONG -- just in case of crash -- cup must be worn !!!

    these tires in extreme conditions -- work very well

    picked up a set years ago - used
    they wear forever - it seemed
    but - are also known to be dangerous when used on pavement

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    I used to ride my MTB around in the snow with aggressive knobbies just for fun. It would be even more fun with an MB but fear of destroying my rig in a wipeout lands the MB's along with the motorcycle in the garage all winter :(
    Poor babies are stuck in there from first snow until late march usually. They use an awful lot of sand here and the stuff is downright dangerous to take a turn on and the salts in it will corrode my preciouses.
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    I have used studded tires for over 3 years on my motored bike without any mishaps. but make sure you get a good pair of tires that has a lot of studs and soft rubber. the cheaper ones tend to get hard at low temperatures and loose their studs. Oh and also take it easy, drive as on slick ice all the time and you be fine.
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    thanks for the info, all.
    i had wondered about slippery performance on cement.
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    There is some pretty comprehensive info here:

    The good ones cost quite a bit but you will probably never wear them out. I use a set of the 700c Nokians for 8 winters on my fixed gear and they barely looked used when I passed them on before moving away from winter.

    But keep in mind that whiles studs are really good on ice, for just plain old snow they really don't ad alot. Just use the highest volume knobbies you can fit on your bike and run low pressure.