studed snow tires

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  1. so has anyone tried those stud ed snow tires for bikes or ride in the snow? i just got the bike done and it snowed so i cant test ride it dang it if got street tires on it

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    I love the Nokians. Check out Peter White Cycles. Great for icy plowed roads. I wouldn't use them on unplowed snow though. They're not cheap but will last you at least 2 seasons.
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    I had studded tires years back when I still had a MTB.

    I tried making home-made ones, they all were lousy. I tried a few different ways of making them.

    Then I bought a pair of the expensive ones for $250, they worked 10X better.

    Get ones with LOTS of studs, and they will ride as steady as if there's no ice at all. Go slow (<20 mph!) and ride gently and they will last several years of winter-only riding.