Stupid broken throttle.

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7:26 PM
Jan 22, 2008
Well, my throttle went. The little white plastic tabs broke off and now the cable has nowhere to rest, so the throttle twists freely. Any ideas on this one guys? I was thinking of rigging something up with a cable ferrule.
The cable's not broken, though, the actual throttle plastic broke. I'm going to try to machine something up tomorrow in the shop.

Edit: Sorry, I misunderstood. My friend who owns bought the bike from me wants to keep it a twist throttle. Thanks for the suggestion though.
He should really try the half brake lever idea.

Only way that he could possibly keep twist throttle is to maybe talk to a small engine specialist, like a lawnmower shop. They can order lots of parts from lots of places.
I fabbed up a little bracket and attached it to the plastic housing. It works again, but for how long I don't know.
try posting in Buy/Sell/Trade.

here may have some extra parts, for cheap. ;)

As you now know, these kit throttles are kinda delicate. Twist them gently!! :LOL:

I've made several throttle controls out of old-style (friction) thumbshifters.
You used a friction shift lever?!? How do you like it? Also, what's your method for attaching both ends of the cable?

I was gonna try using a ratcheting shifter and disabling the ratchet part so it'll spring back. But when I disabled the ratchet part & put the cable back in there to test how far it moved, it didn't move very far. Then I was gonna try it with the ratchet enabled so I could "click" the cable a greater distance, but I figured I'd kill myself if the throttle didn't spring back immediately. Prolly not the case tho, when moving less than 25mph & looking way in front of me.