stupid cager ran me off the road! damage insued...

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    I was run off the road yesterday at about 40mph and hit a big pothole! The damage is significant, my rear wheel has a big dent/flat spot, the mount plate is bent putting the chain/sprocket in a bind and that toasted the worn 5:1 pocket bike trans when I tried to keep going on to work :,(

    I'm forced to put my custom FD mount back into action. I modified it but never used it before changing the plan and building my gebe style custom. I know its a good platform though.

    So the FD is just a temporary solution.

    I need to design a shifter, so my question is. If I use the 5:1 reverse rotation reduction is there a 6 spline drive sprocket small enough to use on my trans that will drive a shimano mega range 7spd cluster at a decent climbing ratio? I first thought that I'd have pedal power on the left side but I guess you need to pedal to shift correctly. So a freewheel crank will need to be utilized. But only one chain from cranks to drive sprocket then to 7spd cluster in a big triangle. Rack mounted because that's my preference.

    The diy shifters I've seen also use the freewheel crank as a jackshaft reduction and I want to avoid that. I just need to know if 5:1 is enough motor reduction on a shifter. And I'll figure out the sprocket situation. If I have to make one or modify the 6spline shaft so a different sprocket will work, I'll get it done.

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    Sorry you got forced off the road. Happens to the best of us. Choose your routes carefully.
    I'm afraid I am no help with jackshaft/shift kits.
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    Thanks wheelbender! I'm actually fine, just my drive system got damaged :(

    My 1/4" thick steel mount plate was twisted, and that absolutely baffels me. That and the wheel getting damaged like it was " there's a decent dent/flat spot and about a quarter of the spokes are loose " but its still ridable as a peddal bike!

    I ordered the FD u bracket I need from Staton-inc 2 days ago. I hope it arrives sooner than later cause this bike is my transportation to and from work, in AZ I'd just peddal everywhere, but here in Co springs I need the assist for the hills. And I don't want to be tired and sweaty before I even start work.

    This drive that was damaged was set at a 20:1 final drive. It was way over geared for the hills here, so maybe going to my friction drive with a 7/8" spindle I'll gain some climbing ability