Stupid Cager Tricks [rant]

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by salfter, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. salfter

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    I think I know now where the inspiration for the term "cager" comes from. :evil:

    I was tooling along today, minding my own still fairly-new 4-stroke appears to be getting broken in well enough, as it'll do 40 km/h without a sweat and has topped out so far at 47...that's just below the legal limit (30 mph) around here. With some threadlock on the bottom-bracket bits, that's no longer coming loose on me. Life is good...

    ...until some dumb*ss punk riding shotgun in a late-model Mazda flings his drink (?) out the window and nails me square in the back of the head as I'm riding along. :-x

    Of course, that was followed soon after by a "California salute" from me, but I doubt that the little isht (probably some teenage brat or twentysomething-still-living-with-his-parents loser) got the message. The geek side of me says a camera on the handlebars that can grab a license plate would be handy to create evidence to hand over to the police. The more vengeful side of me kinda wishes for something more forceful...a Ma Deuce would be fun, but it'd weigh more than my bike. :grin:

    Neither of those are too likely, so that leaves me with this rant instead.

  2. gone_fishin

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    this is the kinda thing that butt-kickin's are meant for...i'm po'd for you!

    if you ever get a chance to snag a location or identity, post it here...then we'll spread it all over the place.
  3. bamabikeguy

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    Two months ago there was a case in Virginia, a lady whose husband was serving in Iraq, in a fit of road rage, threw a bottle out her window at another vehicle.

    The bottle was considered a "missile", and she was sentenced to 5 years active.

    Keep that in mind if you spot the bustards....
  4. Makes me sick when I hear about this cowardly behaviour. Makes me wonder if I'll keep my cool next time it happens, luckily my first instinct is to back off and not risk my life.
  5. Jim H

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    Just the opposite here, first instinct is to react badly, reason takes a few more minutes to set in.
  6. Alaskavan

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    I used to experiene that sort of thing when I lived in the lower 48. I may live beyond the edge of civilization now, but nobody here would behave like that. All I have to deal with is people slowing down to check the bike out and see how fast I'm going. Maybe it's because there just isn't enough traffic here to generate road rage.
  7. gone_fishin

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    yeah, things are that way here, too, van...'ceptin' when the weekenders bring their city driving habits, then it gets pretty hairy...the idjuts have no idea that a boat makes them 2.5 times as long, and that the trailer/boat yaws badly when in a tight curve...he had no business overtaking me there, the boat's gunwales were literally over my head, i thought i was a dead man that day.
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  10. Alaskavan

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    That had to hurt.
  11. azbill

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    yup...that's gonna leave a mark !:lol::lol::lol:
  12. Jim H

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  13. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest the other day we went to burger king i got my usual and my brother got a burger and fries. so we get to the car outside in the parking lot and my brother forgets to get ketchup. so my dad runs in, gets the largest cup he could get and fills it to the top with ketchup:yuck: of brother finishes his fries before my dad gets back with the ketchup. so now were on the road and were stuck with this giant cup of ketchup:?::?::?: what do we do with it now:?::?::?: were goin down the road and were thinkin about dumpin it out the window into the woods. but wouldnt that be such a waste of such a masterpiece:lol: so were cruisin down the road and begin to pass a dealership, it was raining and for some reason...there were guys out there cutting the front grassy area of the place. there was man weedwacking weedwacking and he was a juicy target:evil: so my brother puts down the window and pegs the guy in the back with the ketchup...unfortunately with my brothers intelligence level, he threw the cup wrong and half of it flew out of the cup and onto the dashboard before the cup exited the car. the guy didnt really seem to care but it was still funny:lol::lol::lol:

    reminds me of the beginning of the movie "holy man" when eddie murphy gets pegged in the back with a slushy and he yells back "thank you for not using a can!":lol:

  14. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    quoting you in case you try to edit it out. you must have us confused with myspace or something.

    EDIT: i toned my reaction way down, but i still don't think much of that kind of behavior, nor do i think much of the people who'd behave that way :-x

    i can't believe you'd brag about this on MBc, and i can't wait to see the reaction from the group :-x :-x
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  15. azbill

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    if it was me...
    I would chase you down till I caught you
    give all of you a proper ragging at,
    tell your dad what a poor example he is to you 2 kids,
    and then, send you the bill for cleaning
    (I haven't made up my mind about involving 'the man')
    I hope it stained your interior, so that every time you see the stain, you remember what an idiot move you made
    very bad form from all 3 of you :evil:

    ps: I would like to think I could keep my temper in check...and not get violent, even tho it would be instinctive to me to come at all 3 of you swinging
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  16. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest

    oh...-no comment-
  17. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    If anyone deserves an a** whooping, it would be the three of you... that behavior is outrageous, unacceptable, socially appalling... I'm disappointed hermanator, sorely disappointed...:cry::cry::cry:
  18. Alaskavan

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    Remember, karma exists.
  19. uncle_punk13

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    I tend to react badly as well. I'll probably end up in jail one of these days...
    I tend to give "the Salute", and get off my bike to wait and see if they come back.
    I'm gonna get killed or jailed one of these days if i don't settle down, but darn it...
    Well, I am, at the core and roots, still an old school punk, from back in the days when if you walked down the street with blue hair you WERE gonna get jumped by about five angry rednecks (I'm kind of one of them now but not), or cops. So that attitude of not taking any carp is still there.
    I have been more zen about it lately, but i still got a long ways to go...
    My new philosophy that seems to be working out pretty well:
    "Traffic's gonna do what traffic's gonna do, so just kick back and let the traffic happen; and try not to get hit."
    It keeps me from getting too bent.
    Though if a bottle were thrown, i don't know...
  20. Childish, illegal, immoral, violent behavior

    If I had my wits about me, and did not make an effort to choose you off for that outragiuos act, you can be SURE I would have used my ever-present cell phone, and called 911 reporting both Road Rage (highly illegal here), Vehicular assault and battery, and also racial discrimination, and unprovoked assault and battery (they can prove, or disprove racial after they identify all parties, but it will get the cops out quick-smart).

    After you paid the tickets, including, apparently contributing to the delenquincy of a Minor, and did your jail times, and got your car back from impound (including inflated hook-up, towing, and storage charges), and found a new insurance company who will take risks on that type of behaviour. Then, and only then would you be able to meet me in Civil Court to exact damages for everything the most blood-thirsty attourney that I could find, could dream up. Tho you would probably need to get a ride to Court, as you would have no licenses!

    You need to reconsider your complete lack of respect for your fellow man, and be glad that we, in this country, no longer treat such acts as we once did in the Wild West, and is still practised in many third world countries. I can only hope that what I have written will cause you to feel that shame that you deserve, and to come to an understanding of what a decent citizen's behavior is.

    I do hope, that the fact that you seem to proud of yourself, only adds to the pain that your consience should now provide.


    Footnote: I could not find spellchecker, and am so incensed at this topic (even tho it is ironicly in "stupid cager tricks) that I will not export, and spell-check this post. MHS