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    okay so now I am officially getting frustrated with my exhaust system. I went for a ride today and my exhaust bolt started to vibrate loose. I stop and start to tighten it and the thread, on the head where the exhaust goes is STRIPPED. How can I fix this? I put some stud lock (permanent) on the bolt and tightened it up until if felt snug, does anyone think this will work? I was also going to make my own gasket with this stuff i found, it says it can be used on manifolds, i put a pic of it in this thread. thank everyone. GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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    I think you will not have any luck with any sort of "glue" on this. Way too much vibration...luckily, I believe you can change the stud. I'm going to do all of mine in the next few days...and if you search for replacing studs, you may find good info. (I will do this next).

    Anyway, 2 nuts together on the stud, (thread the first one on, then use the second to lock it) and you can take out the stud by turning the bottom nut to the left. Works like magic.

    Now, for replacements, we need to go hunting...so post your results of what to get for which parts and where to find them here, and maybe the mods can make this a sticky?
    EVERYONE needs to replace the crappy aluminum stuff, and it's in a bunch of "getting started" threads, but I'd really like to see an inventory list of what sizes and lengths go where.

    Can any of you really experienced folk provide or at least start the list for us? :)

    Thanks in advance!
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    you do understand that the bolt/stud is not the thing that is stripped right? its the spot where the stud/bolt screws into. like the actual head part?
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    You need to drill and tap a larger size thread. A machine shop can probably do this for ~$25.
  5. I used a product a long time ago called "liquid metal", like epoxy it worked great on the clutch mount on my motorcycle. I dont know if its available anymore, but worth a shot maybe at auto parts store.

    As far as the bolts you need to get assorted sizes
    4) 4mm for the mag cover
    The most popular size is 6mm for Clutch cover, Sprocket cover, Cases
    Intake and exhaust 6mm threaded rod and possible head studs depending on engine. I have a completly different engine than most members. I have a Grubee 48cc Spitfire Roundhead, so lengths vary, but having an assortment is always a good thing. You can start with 1/2 doz of each lenghts 25, 35, 50, 75 should be the longest you would need except for maybe the rear mount. Hope this helps.....
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    i talked to my dealer and he also said that it needs to be tapped out. What an awsome dealer this guy is. He said hed have me up and running in 5 mins at no extra charge. PHEW, im glad i bought my kit locally.
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    Who's the dealer? Say his name if he's doing you right...
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    his name is duane from
    he is based out of winnipeg
    great support
    id recommend him to any fellow manitobans