Sturgis on the River



Our town host an anuual motorcycle rally every year called Sturgis on the River. This year the river is flooded from all the rain storms and the event was relocated to our local fairgrounds. There were literally thousands of motorcycles, and a classic car show too.

My wife and I took the Switchblades, parked alongside the Harleys, and went to check out the car show. When we returned there was like a mob around the bikes and all day long people were taking photos and asking questions. It really suprised me that in this big sea of big, beautiful (and expensive) motorcycles, how many folks just stopped dead to check out these bicycles.

We also spotted another motorized bicycle (a Schwinn SS with white tires and a Grubee 4 cycle). After asking around a bit, we got to meet the owner, Hollywood, who is also a member of this forum. We got talking about bikes and drinking a Budwieser. We agreed to get together for a ride sometime. It was really cool to make a new friend.

I still can't get over the enthusiasim surrounding these bikes. I really got a kick out of the old timers when they would smile and point out different details of the bikes to each other. You could tell they had an appreciation for them.

We really had a great time and are looking forward to next years rally. Hopefully it will be back down on the bank of the Mississippi River.:cool: