Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by ZipSnipe, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. ZipSnipe

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    I just got this today, I was going to put it on this bike


    However I decided I would wait til I get a beach cruiser as I don't really like the bike anymore as it is a very uncomfortable ride, it suck because I threw some money at this bike and I have just never liked the way it rides. I thought about fabricating a bracket so I can lower the seat as that is the main problem and then the gearing I believe was the other problem. The hub I assume I will end up doing over 4 lacing of the spokes to make any existing spokes work as it is a larger diameter hub.

    And then eventually this is getting motorized.

    So one question I do have is who has bought a 3 speed hub and what spoke problems did you encounter?

  2. professor

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    Can't answer the hub question but, if you get a cruiser- get one with brakes on both ends. You will be glad when the day comes you need to stop fast.
  3. ZipSnipe

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    Wow what a pain in the butt to install. First problem was the spokes, which ended up not being to bad I was able to tighten them down even though the 3 speed hub was larger than the old hub.

    Assembly of the shifter was a real pain, first they give you 2 different sets of parts for the same function which gave me great pain specially the cable connection. But I powered thru it and got on.

    I only have to adjust the gears in the morning and that should be it and maybe the brakes too as I noticed a lil kick back when I was test riding it.

    So as of now I give Sturmey Archer a d- in instructions!!!
  4. ZipSnipe

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    I have to say this 3 speed from sturmey archer is ****!!!! I constantly have to readjust it to get it to work, just ****. Nice looking on the outside but **** for innerds!!!!

    Buy Nexus!! My buddy has one that is sweet and u never have to readjust it!!!