Sturmey Archer

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  1. POPS

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    Hey all
    I am thinking of useing a couple of these in a couple of builds. One I'm looking is a 3 speed from the 70es. The other is newish 8 speed . My question is will the 69cc Happy rip these apart or can they take the abuse??? Thanks for any real experience answers...POPS

  2. loquin

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    Are you thinking about feeding the power through the hub (via a jackshaft and the existing bicycle chain) or with a standard installation?
  3. POPS

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    Hi Lou
    I was thinking of useing the 3 speed as the jack shaft and the 8 speed in the rear. I'm building a couple of mountain climbers for Mumzie and me. Still like to see 25-30MPH but super climbing ability...POPS
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    Whatever setup u choose POPS remember the 3 speed was only designed & built to handle 1 person power.Correct me if i'm wrong but your talking about putting a minimum 8 people powers through that.......try it if u like but be prepared for failure. :whistling:
  5. loquin

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    a motor's power has less high torque than a person does. (I can stand on a peddle while starting out, and end up with 150 foot pounds of torque (reduced a bit by the chain drive to the rear hub.)

    A motor's torque if much less than this, even when geared down 18:1.

    However, shifting is where you'll get a whammy. The motor slows down slower than you do, and the first time you shift under load with the engine RPM high, you're likely to end up with pieces inside the hub...
  6. POPS

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    Thanks for the replys guys
    I will be running the centrafugal clutch on the 69cc happy with pull start. The 3 speed in the jack shaft would only be shifted at low speed to select gear range EG: Low, medium,high. The 8 speed in the rear hub would be shifted with (Burping the throttle) or shifting without letting off on the gas. Do you think the auto clutch would soften the blow enough for it to hold together?...POPS
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    good post. information im going to be using on my new build! i have a sturmey 3 speed from the 70's as well, my only problem is that it doesnt engage. probley needs a rebuild