Sturmy Archer hub gears with shift kit

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by fourfeathers, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. fourfeathers

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    Hi guys.

    Question 1:- Has anyone used, or had any experience with a jack shaft shift kit running onto a rear Sturmy Archer hub gear.
    Question 2:- Is it a good idea or not. i.e. would it hold up to the pressures placed on it from a 66cc motor.

    I have an old 3 spd hub but plan on using an 8 spd. Theres an on-line site called "The Old Bike shop" in the UK that sells them.

    Just thought I'd like to try one out.
    What do you reckon guys, good or bad idea.:whistling:

  2. pbeggs

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    im running an 8 speed s/a internal gear hub,.. works good ,.. i dont shift while on the throttle and ease into the gas after shifting it is fast,.. i suggest the drum brake version,.. very good braking! i run a s/a front drum brake with a dual pull lever and am very pleased with the braking.:helmet:

    im running a 66cc 2 stroke

    my jackshaft is home built but i see no reason the jackshaft kits would not work well,.. in fact i suspect an internal gear hub has less chain issues than a derailer based system,.. and you can run heavier chain.
  3. fourfeathers

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    sturmy archer hub gears with shift kit.

    Thanks for the feed-back pheggs.
    Sounds like it could work out.
    You say you're using a rear hub and brake combined, how dose that work as a coaster brake can't be used with a shift-kit as you need peddle pressure to make it function.:detective:

    Cheers mate.
  4. pbeggs

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    the drum brake is cable activated,......
  5. ibdennyak

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    Another SA hub. I am running a RS 35 into it. So far it has about 1000 miles on it and it has been trouble free. I also don't power shift it though. I like it.
  6. fourfeathers

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    Thanks for that pbeggs.
    I guessed that it was, just needed to confirm.

    Cheeres mate.
  7. fourfeathers

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    Thanks ibdennak,
    Sounds like these S/A's might be the thing. By the way do you guys build your own wheels,if so, do you lace the spokes as normal with these hubs or is there right or wrong pattern.
  8. pbeggs

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    i had the local bike shop make mine into wheels with heavy duty spokes,.. and the toughest hoop they could find.

    as with anything to do with motorized bikes sometimes spending a few extra dollars is the key to making something durable.

    im pleased with both front and rear s/a hubs,. actually very impressed with the brakes,... solid, smooth, balanced, braking on front and rear with a single brake lever (i think the key was identical drum brakes on both hubs):D
  9. SimpleSimon

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    I used a jackshaft to bring together the power and pedal sides on my (recently destroyed) trike, then fed that through an older Shimano 3 speed internally geared hub which served as the mid-drive element to two final drive sprockets, one on each inner end of my half axles - gave me power to both rear wheels, and with freewheel final sprockets, a "poor man's differential". Worked very well, and was utterly dependable. I used a thumb shifter and just backed off the power momentarily when shifting - never encountered any problems.