Subaru 35cc Testing Ride -- Sweet

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Mountainman, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Mountainman

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    Just got back from a long day spent with my new Subaru 35cc.. I haven't been on motor bikes for many years -- it was a FUN DAY.. That little Subaru ran soooo fine -- as I took it pretty easy -- break in period. My bicycle though -- mountain bike -- handelbars a little to low -- already looking for another gooseneck -- a little larger seat may also be added -- saw three or four of the police -- as recommended -- pedals were moving --- what a nice day of motor and sun.. Glad that I have found this site --- Happy Riding -from Mountainman

  2. mark2yahu

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    Congratulations on your first ride, Mountainman :) Take it easy for the first 2 gallons of gas...after that it's pretty much broken in. The break-in period is also a good time to fine tune your ride, like you said about a longer gooseneck...maybe high-riser handlebars instead?...and a big fat beach cruiser saddle. Whenever I see a police cruiser, I'm pedaling :)

    I's So glad you're riding!
  3. Mountainman

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    Hi mark2yahu -- wow - run two gallons of gas through this little wonder for a break in ? It seems like a lot - but I am up for it -- much fun !! In the old days I rode much bigger bikes - yes much bigger -- could use those bikes to escape traffic in times of need -- a couple of times today -- got a little hairy -- cars and trucks wizzing by with not much of a bike lane.. Mirror might come in handy -- are you using a mirror ? A speedometer would be nice also - but - I am trying to keep my equipment down to a minimum --- at least for now. Many blessings with your riding Mark -- from Mountainman
  4. mark2yahu

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    congrats !

    Yeah, I read somewhere to go thru 2 gallons. I'm sure one will be enough.
    I have a removable mirror on my left handlebar. It's a must. shoulda bought the wide-angle, though. The speedometer is another thing you should get..they're inexpensive. And I think a horn would be practical...the bulb ones. Thanks for the blessings, my friend...right back at ya! ;)

  5. Esteban

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    Those little motors ARE sweet. As a long time bike rider,,, when doing modifications to your bike,,, only do ONE at a time, then ride to see how it " feels." Sounds like trying an " adustable stem riser" may be what you need to get the correct angle/height to be comfortable.
  6. lennyharp

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    I changed my bars to an 8" rise and made it way better.
    I also just rode my bike and never worried about the break in. These Robin Subaru motors with a steel lined cylinder wall and set pretty modest rpm do not seem to mind me just going. I started with a 16 mile commute each way and soon added 2 to 3 hour rides.
    I use a mirror on my Helmet and they have similar ones for glasses. Close to your eye it takes just a small mirror and I like moving my head to look not my handle bars.
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  7. Mountainman

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    Hi Esteban --- that's what I am looking for - an adustable stem riser - - I am hoping to get just a little more height and possibly bars moved closer to seat without having to change out all the cables.. Yes - I hear what you are saying -- at times I am thinking of way too many things to add or changes to be made to my bike -- Got the main things - motor, wheels, seat and bars --- throttle lever ! Happy Riding from Mountainman
  8. Scottm

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    Hey Mountainman I get emails from and since I have bought stuff from them. You might find the parts you need there. I have changed handlebars on all the bikes I've built, but I have several junk bikes I can steal longer cables from.
    I just helped a member build a Dimension Edge Honda or Subaru friction drive bike. It seems like a lot of fun to ride and a pretty solid set up. These things are fun aren't they?
  9. I'm considering this kit. Anyone have any experience-input on the 25cc? Compare and contrast the 35 vs. the 25? I don't really want to go too fast, just get some assist for hills. Will I regret not getting the 35?

    Edit: Whoops, just found this thread:

    It seems the 35cc might last longer because it's less stressed? I also have some major hills here in Oregon, going from Milwaukie to Beaverton over the "west hills". I like the idea of the tiny engine though, and saving gas.
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  10. mark2yahu

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    imperfectionist, the 35cc only goes 2 mph faster than the 25cc. In reference to the GEBE kit, The 25cc is 2 lbs. lighter at 12 lbs. and tops out at 26 mph...with a trail gear. Imagine if you put a standard gear on, and you'll probably get to 28mph. A highway gear might be too much of a load on the 25cc, though. Personally, I like to cruise at 18 mph and pedal assist when there's a hill. No sweat! :)
  11. You have the 35cc? I might like having more torque so I can keep the revs lower, but my bike isn't the best at very high speed. There's no suspension on the recumbent re-bike, but a nice flexible rail of a frame.
  12. Zev0

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    LOL, I tried it and boy was that a mistake. Instant freeze after about 20 seconds. No damage was done, but the cylinder filled up with oil and froze the piston in place. After a few recommendations from some great members here, I just pulled the plug, dumped the oil, cranked it up and it ran. Killed every mosquito for miles till the oil all burned up though. Not a wise idea to run, the RS 35 anyways, at any position other then the straight up one.
  13. OK, that pic is probably of one of the 2-strokes, then.
  14. sparky

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    Soo... you were running it tilted or upside down? From what I'm reading now... I'll be able to tilt it while it's off (which is all I really wanna do) and expect it to crank after it's been sitting upright for a minute or so. That sounds about right?

    Yes, running the RS even just tilted for too long sounds like a bad idea.
  15. astring

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    In order to mount mine it is a few degrees off 90 degrees tilting back wards. It seems ok so far.
  16. Mountainman

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    mine too

    same with mine

    many, many happy miles now

    I like that easy starting thing
  17. TWalker

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    What kind of drivetrain/kit are you using on that thing Mountainman?
  18. Mountainman

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    I was calling you -- SWEET THING

    hi TW

    riding that Station friction THING with the Robin 33cc (1" roller) a very nice -- sturdy -- simple little riding THING

    starting to get ready for MB #2
    that EZ MotorBike that Quenton is coming out with sounds like a SWEET MOTOR BIKE THING (said out loud by Mountainman)

    oh no my wife just heard me talking to myself again
    hang on
    yes dear I was calling you -- SWEET THING

    never thought that a motor bike could get me into so much trouble
    as I ride that THING
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  19. loquin

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    FYI - Phoenix & most of the surrounding 'burbs' are very flat.
    Depends on the engine. The small Honda's are fine - they can be operated in any position. That being said, I would think that you would want to make sure that they don't rest in a position where oil could leak around the valve stem seals when they're not running.