Subaru rear mount - block sheared !

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by robin bird, May 25, 2011.

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    My Subaru - Robin this year has been doing more trail riding on rough roads. I developed excessive noise and vibration and found on my rear mount gear chaindrive outfit that my upper 2 clutch mounting bolt areas had sheared the engine block upper half right off. (part 10 on the parts manual). It could be welded but may not last at all apparently according to my Aluminum welding specialist.
    On the rear mount im assuming with the engine sticking out so far its getting excessive jolting and vibration and being pot Aluminum cant really stand this. Im also assuming if i want to do this kind of riding i have to now use my mid mount Morini full suspension-or another type of mid mount engine like a Honda with a shift kit-dang i loved this setup because it could pedal so well and could be used for trail and road.
    Im also wondering about not spending any more on these toys and get a motorcycle or a heavyweight moped.
    Is there an engine with cast iron or something that can stand this for the rear mount--engine has 4400 miles on it.??