Subaru Robin 035A clutch pad removal

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by cuz1961, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. cuz1961

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    hello gents,,
    new to the board,,, this place looks like home !

    have a staton friction drive kit with subaru robin 035A.
    love this combo. it still starts on first pull at 3500 miles !
    but it is time for me to replace the clutch pads.

    bought the pads and a clutch drum. there is slight scoring on
    the very inside 1/8 inch of the surface,

    ? should i replace it with the new clutch drum ?

    or should i wait to replace the drum on the next pad change ?

    my BIGGEST question,,, and why i have come here to what looks
    like a board full of friction drive guru's and masters /-),

    !!! HOW do i get the clutch pad bolts off ?

    every time i try and turn the bolt the whole assembly turns.

    ( im afraid to use penetrating oil to help the bolts come unstuck
    cuz oil in a friction clutch housing is probably not a good idea ? )

    ( im afraid of trying to stick a leverage bar against the housing
    to hold the pads from spinning for fear of cracking or breaking
    any of the parts )

    ( am i really going to have to pull the recoil pull starter assembley
    to get to the other side of the crank, to hold the crank from spinning
    to get opposing leverage to crack loose the clutch pad bolts ?)

    this is my only transportation and its sitting here in my living room
    mocking me cuz i dont know how to get these clutch pad bolts off !

    MOCKING me i tell ya ! /-)

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you
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  2. Bonefish

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    If you take off the recoil starter, there should be a bolt/nut behind it that you can put a socket on to keep the clutch from turning.
  3. cuz1961

    cuz1961 New Member

    ya,, that was what i feared. thanks for the reply bonefish ! appreciate it.

    well,,, i had a piece of advice on using a 76-78 mm oil filter wrench to get the clutch hub
    removed. i bought one when i replaced my drive roller last year.

    ,, so i decided to try using the oil filter wrench to hold onto , around, the clutch pads,
    while a second set of hands got the bolts to break free.
    cant believe i didnt think of it before i posted. at least i found this great site in
    the process though.


    so if any subaru robin 035a owners go to replace their clutch pads, hopefully they will
    see this and it can avoid them the pain of taking the recoil starter off ,,, and instead
    use a 76mm-78mm ,, oil filter wrench to hold the pads from spinning while breaking the bolts free.

    it does take two sets of hands to get done though,,, so one needs a buddy to help
    when using this tool and method.

    take care everyone
    and merry Christmas ( and or happy Hanukkah )
    and happy new years

    to ya all.
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