subliminal messages!

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  1. HeadSmess

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    yesterday was a blast.

    ive been digging out all my old cassette tapes, mainly cus i just scored an old 4 track tape recording deck.

    so. being a 4 track thing... it plays side b backwards :)

    and we all heard the stories about the devils messages hidden in metal songs when played backwards.

    well, thats a load of crock. ive always been a metal head, and seriously, i have never made out any words in any metal song played backwards. well, coherent sentences, anyway.

    but....i found a pearl jam tape.

    alive, once and wash.

    and guess what "wash" sounds like backwards?

    oh, hes an a$$hole....


    in fact, both wash and alive both sound like he is abusing someone! it really did flip my mind. and my two mates that were over at the time.

    its also a common fact that Queen's "another one bites the dust" is a drug reference when played backwards. "chop and smoke more mari..." thats all im saying as i may have just pushed the limit already...

    so... why were we told that "nasty" music has "evil" messages when they dont, yet some of the most popular songs from certain mainstream bands...DO?

    dont believe me? do it yourself. theres plenty of audio programs out there that let you play songs backwards if you dont have access to the analog methods...

  2. troyg

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    Subliminal only works when it can be heard, most forward subliminal tapes have been proven to do nothing, so if it takes a song played backwards, no one will hear anything forward, suggestion or not.Here's a better question, what are you doing listening to pearl jam, they blow hard, hacks, beyond hacks.
  3. jaguar

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    religion makes people paranoid.
    it was religious groups that came up with "proof" that Satan is trying to brainwash you with rock music. they should be aware of their own brainwashing.
  4. Timbone

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    Growing up in a very conservative church and being a rock and rol child of the 70's, I was right in the middle of this.

    Of course it is a stupid idea. But we used to be able to run our turntables backwards and get the effects.

    The Beatles' "number nine=turn me on dead man". ELO went so far as to do record a reversible passage.

    My all time fave was Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. Lots of "we sing this song for Satan". Something about how the passages started with "There's" and Plant's delivery. I thought of it as fun. Silly fun!
  5. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    1. (of a stimulus or mental process) below the threshold of sensation or consciousness; perceived by or affecting someone's mind without their being aware of it.

    ie, UNSEEN.


    your subconscious picks it out.

    ha ha, id call stuff like deicide "devil music" and its just as unlistenable and awful forwards as backwards. how a band can walk out of a studio with an album that sounds like that and say that its "their best work yet" i just dont understand.

    pearl jam? i only ever liked the vitalogy album, everything else...yes... i agree...blowhards.

    but it was the only thing on hand that my mates might have recognised...they did.

    you know, in the early days, certain guitar amp manufacturers ruined their businesses and collapsed after REFUSING to sell gear to these "satan inspired rock musicians"

    the beatles were, at the time, considered hard rock... ha ha.

    watch " the jetsons"...thats what they wanted people to play on their stuff! jazz! clean clear jazz music. or classical. not tchaicovsky( do you spell that one?)...hes an evil russian with evil music. no, we just want chopin brahms and mozart, thankyou very much.

    they also had warranties that were "void" if the amplifier was taken past 8 or so on the dial...

    they had no idea how the sound would evolve, and definitely no idea on the money to be made if they had toed the line!
  6. troyg

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    Kind of off topic, but in the 70's a dude (wish I could remember the name) learned "Putting on the Ritz" backwards, all the instruments, vocalizations, everything was learned from a record playing it backwards, they then recorded it as they learned it (phonetically backwards) then had the master 2-track play it backwards for the record pressing, so it was voiced forward.Some of the creepiest stuff you ever heard, robots or aliens doing human music is what it sounded like, it was all correct but 100% slightly off.
  7. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    8-track tape played backwards by moving the heads, we found that back with 4 track players, the mono version of reversion cassettes.
    Ever own a good reel to reel?
    That was the cats pajamas back then.

    That's where the idea for storing computer data came from, but it was just 1 and 0 data busts in a given time frame.
    Man what a memory, I used to service those tape drives.
    You know, the ones you see in black and white movies showing an 'operation center' with all those things spinning tape in the background?

    Subliminal messages in music?
    Heck, some bands just outright say kill the cops, women are objects, and drugs and gansta gun play is how you get rich flat out.
    I watched it ruin my son first hand.

    What you really need to aware of today is Subliminal messages in Videos.
    TV, movies, commercials, even the news.
    Heck, they want to put make TV's that watch you and try to see how you react to an and change it to make you become more acceptable to it.

    No sh*t, it's a huge business.
    Well, I watch a lot of video but avoid commercials with a vengeance.
    But even then you have to recognize when it's being it done and therefore no longer a Subliminal messages, it's overt attempt to trick me and they loose my trust.

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  8. HeadSmess

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    ha ha, reel to reels!

    still have one, and couple of hundred reels somewhere. ones a live recording made at woodstock...

    friend still uses them in his studio for the odd recording. its a sound you just cant get with digital, no matter how much you process it.

    all the great music was recorded on tape...well, once tape was created... before that, vinyl... which was really hard, and really expensive to record with. its a lathe. you record your one-take songs on a lathe! no overdubs, no splices, no level adjustments or filtering or anything. just people that can play WELL, arranged so they all sound about right when recorded. the engineer really needed to know what he was doing.

    yuk. gangsta rap...that is not music. bunch of overpaid idiots talking gibberish into a microphone as a stolen looped beat plays in the background.

    gimme the days when (removed colour reference) people could write decent music... too much monkey business! long live the chuck!

    i dont get your pic? maybe im not looking hard enough?
  9. troyg

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    First, I don't consider rap music.To the point, guns, drugs, music, videogames, don't make people do things, they don't turn them into anything, people do that to themselves , OF THEIR OWN ACTIONS.We have a huge problem in this country of not placing blame where it belongs, not taking personal responsibility, and finding someone to blame when things go wrong, even if the victim caused his/her own folly.Your son took what was bad advise, and HE acted on it.
    There are only two reasons people turn out the way they are, genetics and rearing.There are only two people to blame for the way any child turns out.
  10. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    I finally had to let my reel to reel, turntable, and vinyl record collection go a few years back.
    You really needed an old tube amp to get the 'warmth' of the music but an old Transistor amp was OK, but when my old JVC with a Phono input finally died I made the switch to all digital.

    Go figure turntables and Vinyl are back in vogue with the young.
    Ya kids, you think your bass thumping car boxes are cool? Pfftt, with the right home system and your eyes closed it was as close to virtual reality as it got even today, in your living room without anything to wear.

    I haven't lost all the sound though.
    I still have my big Cerwin Vega speakers.
    5.1 digital surround sound amp with an equalizer, etc.
    Let's just say that when I we watch a BluRay video on the 65" its better than movie theater.

    Which reminds me, drive-in theaters, the best thing ever for dating and embedded in my 'fun memories' forever.
    Of course you have to consider that in Phoenix you could go year round and they were a cheap date everywhere.
    I quit doing the big silver 'hang on the window' speaker, I'd just open the back and jump the wires to my trucks speakers.
    It was actually pretty cool.

    Those around us turned off their little speaker and listed to my sound with their windows open!
    Once the theaters went to FM broadcast for sound it got more fun with everyone having good sound!

    Man the things you get away with with the right seats...
    My senior year I had a 3/4 ton long bed Ford for work which didn't have a conducive seat for romance so I actually put a waterbed in the back for a show once.

    My buddy Cole and I, and our 'adventurous' girlfriends at the time.
    For Cole and his gal it was like a theme park ride in the back on the waterbed just driving to the drive-in, they even did the 'duck and cover' at the ticket booth too, and then, well, again it's not on my most memorable list for nothing.

    My memory is vague at this point, understandable considering, but I pulled the plug on the bed to drive home and it left a trail all the way to my house. Apparently none of my antics warranted concern.
    Hail the '70s!
  11. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    Four tracks? You've been around as long as I have!
  12. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Actually it was Cole's older brother that got it as a hand me down from dad so I'm not that old to have owned a new one, but I put a new 8-track in the '67 Firebird convertible I got when I was in high school.

    They beat the heck out trying to put a record player in a car hehehe ;-}
  13. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    Before four tacks and 8 tracks, there were some portable record players that would spin your 45s.
    They had a cover that held the record in place. They actually played records pretty well in the car if the road wasn't too bumpy.
    That was in the mid 1960s.