Submit your picture for: Bike of the Month - JANUARY 2007


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Aug 4, 2006
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Ok, this is our first "Bike of the Month" ever. The rules, time duration and prizes will change as the board grows and we learn from previous "Bike of the Month" experiences.

If you want to submit a picture, please e-mail me ( with "Bike of the Month entry" as the subject, then include your username (for this forum), name of the bike (optional), and attach the picture you want to submit. Please only send me one picture.

I will be accepting entries up until Sunday, January 14th, 2007, at which time the voting will begin. I will start an announcement thread similar to this one with a poll, and post each picture with the provided name of the bike or a number if the name isn't provided. I won't be posting people's usernames to keep everything anonymous (even though you could probably figure out whose bike is who's).

Voting for this month's contest will go from Sunday, January 14th, 2007 until 11:59:59PM on Wednesday, January 31, 2007.

The winner gets to have their picture used for the logo of the site in place of my green bike. (Look at the top of the all the pages.)


1. Each member gets to submit up to 1 picture.

2. You must own the bike in the picture.

3. Each member may vote once. We are going to use the honor system here.

If anyone can think of ways to better this competition, let me know.

Thanks, lets see what you got!
Also, if you e-mail me a picture of your bike, you are agreeing to enter the contest. No turning back at that point. And no sore losers. If you submit your bike and it gets 0 votes, no pouting. I know I'm going to get 0 votes, and I will do my fair share of pouting, but I won't do it here on the forum.
just use the polling option when you're ready to post the entries. no honor system needed, only one vote is allowed with polls. i suggest using numbers only to identify the pic, then just setup your poll options with matching numbers 8)

btw-no pouting for me...i know my bike's gonna get at least 1 vote ;)
personally, i'm gonna have some new pics taken for the contest...stay tuned 8)
i'll get a pic of my bike (i need to do it ayways) and get it to ya. i think i can do it by next tuesday - still outta town 8)

There are 2 bike of the month competitions. This competition is for normal bikes only. If you have a totally tricked out custom bike, please enter it in the Wild in the Streets Bike of the Month competition.

I had to move 2 submissions from this competition to the other one, and I notified those members through PMs.

If you have both a normal bike and a custom bike, you can still submit one picture to this bike of the month competition and one picture to the custom bike of the month competition.