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    Okay so I passed my 3rd cop today (a local boy), and again he went right passed me and even waved a friendly “hello”. Now of course as soon as I saw him I kit my kill switch and pulled in the clutch and pretended to pedal. I have read the PA laws concerning bicycles with engines. They need to be automatic, 49cc or below, and are classified as a moped, but you don’t need them to be inspected. One also must have a moped plate, have it registered, and have INSUREANCE!

    So it is legal with the right motor and documentation… I unfortunately have a NT Chinese engine that has the manual clutch, so might be buggered any way, but if there is no inspection how will anyone even know?:evil:

    Now I have been riding for about 2 months and I’m getting tired of watching for the fuzz. I have looked through our forums here and although people have talked about it, I don’t think any one has anyone done this legally in Pa? I KNOW the electrics are fine with the federal law; I want to limit this thread to laws about us using Gas IN Pennslyvania. If anyone has, with any type of gas engine could you tell us how?

    If not I guess I will just keep fake pedaling…:p

  2. Here's the way I see it. People see you as riding a bicycle that happens to have an engine. But that's the first image that goes in their minds. MAN. BICYCLE. Then ENGINE.
    So I wouldn't be so concerned.
    The laws here in Colorado states I can't go on the trails. But I've passed many cops on the trails. Why? Because they see MAN-BICYCLE and some see ENGINE.
    Maybe I haven't been nailed yet. But at the same time,I haven't much been concerned anymore.
    And I don't even shut her down when I pass a cop within eye shot. Now if a cop or anyone else is within 20 feet of me on the trail I shut her down just out of respect.
    There are exceptions to this rule. Some states are extremely a%al to this movement. But other states haven't enforced it. I'm so glad Colorado is one of them.
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    yeah like i said the few i have passed havn't said anything to me other than the wave hello, but i'm stil curious if it can be done. because for every so many nice cops that let it go there is one who want to yell at me cause he need something to do ya know?
  4. I would search your state dmv web site. The site for us here in Colorado has all sorts of info about registering motorized bicycles.
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    I have read the PDF on it but here the law says we need to have our bikes titled(just like a moped), but to get a title you need vin and mso, which a bicycle with an engine does not have. Thats why i wanna know if any one has been able to do it some how...
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    Most states allow you to get a VIN assigned for 'home-built' vehicles.
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    I've searched the PA DMV site with no mention of motorized bicycles. I also hit the kill switch if I see a cop. I make sure I wear a helmet, reflective clothing, rear view mirror attached etc. I make sure it's obvious that I'm safety minded.
    With gas approaching $4.00 / gal I feel it's an appropriate defense to claim use of the bike to run local errands like banking, convenience store runs etc.
    I will also play the "green" card about pressures to conserve and reduce emissions etc.
    I plan to feverishly fight any fines I receive WHEN the time comes. PA is the most freedom restrictive state in the union and it's time to start pushing back.
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    Last time i tried, the tag service told me to get it professionally inspected, Not a normal yearly inspection, fill out the form and get his signature saying it was road worthy. Then mail in another form with that one for a vin number, then mail in another form with that for a title, THEN lastly call the insurence to get registration for it, I said ****ss on it , i'll take my chances. Yes i'm In louzzzy PA, By the way don't forget all the dam money fees for all of it either.
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    PA again..

    yep...BS for sure. Why are there thousands of bicycles on the roads that have not been state approved as " road worthy" ? Shouldn't it be the responsibility of the mfgr. to guarantee all bicycles road or trail worthy, add a VIN # in the event it's required by a state for motorized purposes?
    My bicycle is not modified in any way, the engine has been ADDED for pedal assist. It was a bicycle when I bought it, and it's the same bicycle now....with an added accessory. Should motorized wheelchairs fall in the same category if they are used to cross a street? After all, there are thousands of non-motorized chairs available.
    Jeeps are sold as " trail approved" in all states despite the fact that the " trail" used for testing might be located out west somewhere. If it's sold as trail approved in PA, it should be tested on a PA trail and approved by the state to be sold legally in PA. Otherwise, the trail approved vehicle should not be allowed on the roadways here.
    All of this sounds ridiculous huh? We're not far from this kind of legislation here in PA.
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    PA again and again...

    I'll give the PA legislators another brilliant idea but I'm sure they are working on it as I write this.
    Currently PA has it all backwards regarding motorized bicycles. A gasoline powered vehicle operator subsidizes the roadways via gas taxes. Therefore a traditional bicyclist is a tax dodger unless they can furnish all of the following:
    1) Over age 16 and licensed to drive ( likely to purchase gas and pay road use taxes)
    2) Current auto registration in your name
    3) proof of insurance
    4) sales receipt that you've purchased gasoline in the past 30 days

    Tax dodgers under the age of 16, or those that cannot furnish the proof above will have their bikes confiscated and fined levied. The size of a person's personal carbon footprint will recognize NO leniency.
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    I think the driver license is a good idea(maybe even a motorcycle license) but why a separate insurance? We don't need a kind of insurance to ride a foot powered bicycle on the road, and you have the same odds of getting hit by a car as when riding a motored bike, which is the situation you would need insurance. I do think that the only way this would pass is if motored bike had running lights, brake and turn signals just like motorcycles. The should just make a classification below scooter that has a CC and speed limit

    I think this topic should be debated until we can all come to a rough draft of requirement and then we should send it as a petition to the state senate, and maybe even federal, if it can be agreed upon...
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