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    Whazzup guys,
    Here's a quick lowdown. I've been riding a Harley Road King for the last 2 years, but I'm going through a breakup and will be losing my bike. I'm just looking for a way to get around town to save for the summer for another motorcycle. I need a motor that can do around 10-15 miles a day, and I'm about 200 lbs. Between 20-30 mps would work for me. I guess according to Florida law, I can have over 50cc because I have a motorcycle license. I'm just looking to ride this for the summer, so don't want to spend alot. I just bought a mountain bike to put it on. Can you guys give me some suggestions, and link to purchase it? Thanks!
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    Losing a Harley over a break up? OUCH!!!!!
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    Yea I think he knows:icon_cry:

    Back to your question, I've built 5 Chinese HT equipped bikes. Although some people have issues with them, I myself only had a issue with the first build. I don't use that supplier anymore...(see my signature). 10-15 miles a day on these real inexpensive engines is a piece of cake. I don't depend on mine for transportation, it's just for fun. I have three towns from me 2 at 10 miles, and one at 7, and I wouldn't think twice about jumping on my bike and hit the road. There are a few vendors on here, and I don't want to play do a search. Read...Read...Read..... Do it right the FIRST TIME.
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    I would just get on the Harley and book !!!!!!!!!!
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    A road King !!!!!

    I would try recincelation !!!!
    beg !!!! :veryangry:
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    Others may argue, but I really don't see that much of a power difference between the 50cc kits and the 70-80cc kits so I think it's a waste of money, ppersonally. I would save your money and put it towards a shift kit, or a clamshell sprocket adapter, or other accessory for your MB.
    Also, I have had pretty good luck with DAX, but I don't want to play favorites either. There a lot of good vendors out there, but a lot of bad ones too.
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    OH NO ! Here we go about Luckyearlybird again !!!
    I wouldn't purchase from him either.
    If you do, you'll probably be like the early worm. He's the one that got eaten first, but the early bird !
    There are several reputable vendors on this forum, but you don't see luckyearlybird as one of them.
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