Suggested street legal petrol bike if they are banned, as in OZ (for rural folk to go to town).

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    Basically the idea is a range unlimited hybrid petrol/electric bike, but the petrol component can be easily and demonstrably disabled for when the cops are about (in town?). e.g. removing a chain or disengaging the friction drive and having a cold engine if pulled over. "I only use petrol round the farm officer"

    In town you use a simple, cheap front hub drive e.g. with regen & use a smallish battery (which can be recharged when on petrol power via regeneration).

    other benefits are:

    2 WD if needed

    great lights from battery

    only start the motor for decent trots, using the battery and charger is fine for many local errands

    use initial momentum from the electric motor to jump start the petrol motor

    more total power and torque for nasty hills

    much reduced chain & sprocket wear, easy to gently engage chain transmission once rolling due to the hub motor.
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  2. sbest

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    I am on with you about this, Petrol/gasoline for the long distance and electric around town.
    Thinking about an electric shifter and China Girl to the back wheel.
    There is still a lot of drag on the rear wheel chain I have to solve.
    Also need to make the China Girl charge. Lots to figure out.

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  3. libranskeptic

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    I imagine i could hunt up (may try later) what you are referring to from u other posts? but I suspect the drag refers to the motorised bicycle and I concur. I have one i never use but the drag makes it barely pedalable w/ clutch in.

    Electric so much better for doodling around the ~shops, perfect control just tweaking the throttle, even at a crawl, better than a pedal bike methinks.

    I am retired & my dog trails behind for my 4-5km of rounds per day on my 24 speed mid drive electric (best ebike for most in the world I am sure), so i am often obliged to (very courteously) share footpaths. He will stay on the path w/ me on the road, but it can get confusing for him.

    my main bike of many

    as discussed, devise a really fast/easy way to take the chain off (at city limits) and on. Not ideal but works. Friction drives should be simple to de/activate. They work surprisingly well if not too hilly or wet. They can still "assist", but its harder to get right.

    A winkle in the scheme is, if pulled over with electric on but a warm engine (i.e. u saw him coming & turned it off), depending on set up and gullibility~ "oh officer, when I take a break in the trip (which I have just finished doing), i often run it stationary to charge the battery."
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    making a hybrid bicycle yes, making an engine barely capable of powering itself charge your battery, maybe at an extremely slow rate, not to mention you'll need something to stabilize the power so you dont blow your battery up. totally not worth it, just to to a gas station and plug your bike in near the ice/vending machine outside. i mean maybe one of those portable field chargers for rc heli's could charge the cells, but idk, i think their supposed to run on 12v dc or 110v ac, not 6v dc. it seems like it would be better to ditch the idea of using an HT engine for this project, their notoriously unreliable in the first place, using them to charge potentially explosive lipo packs is probably a bad idea. and if your thinking lifepo4, think again, idk where your gonna put those things, their huge unless you have a small battery pack that is really only good for short runs or bump starting the bike without pedaling.
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    You use regen judiciously from the front hub when under petrol power, OR, not thought thru, but if a rear hub w/ regen, maybe spinning back wheel on the center stand w/ petrol motor, can regen to the battery OR even a hybrid w/ a front friction petrol motor.
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    Thanks, if its quick and easy and the petrol motor chain sits still under way, its exactly whats needed. Try not to have the motor hot when pulled over tho, not fineable, but not a good look:)
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    I like your cheeky idea re gas stations. Got any more?

    I dont agree about lifepo4 at all. 540wh is 5.5kg in paks with bms, 360wh about 4kg. Thats a lot of pedaling (a fit labourer puts out about 70w ph over a 8hr work day) , and at ~1.5c discharge, a lot of squirt.
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    yep. much of the convenience of a motored bike would be lost to me with petrol. Its a long story, but u hardly know they are there. They are an extension of you.

    Its much more like the conveience of being on foot vs frustratingly being a car at a crowded main street.
  10. Steve Best

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    Agreed. I have both an electric and petrol powered bikes.
    The electric is much more user friendly in town, although the petrol is the answer to get 20-50 kms between towns.

    Now if the 50cc motor could recharge (or even just top up) the LiFe batteries while doing that 20 kms, that would be wonderful.
    The next trick is to keep the whole package under 50 lbs? Maybe that is asking too much?

    This guy seems to have made a pretty good prototype:

    I cannot find much more info besides the video.