Suggestion to vendors...



It seems like the vendors should sell an upgrade kit for HT engine kits when you order them.

Maybe the upgrade kit would cost an extra $10-20, but it would include:

US bolts/nuts/washers/studs
tensioner with bearing in it
O ring for carb
Better fuel line (possibly a fuel filter)

can't think of anything else.

Since many people upgrade these parts anyways, it would save the buyers some time and the vendors could make a little extra money.
Great idea. Add clamps for the fuel line, a few wire ties maybe, and a sheet of rubber to cut for mounting pads for engine, tank, etc. maybe a self-tapping screw for the idler gear bracket too. I would think an upgrade kit like you suggest would be a great way to increase profits a little and give the builder everything he needs without having to source all over the place.